Foreground Holistic Well-Being and Care

Goal 3: Cultivate a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, Caring, and Connected Community that Promotes Each Member’s Development as a Whole Person

Foreground holistic well-being and care for mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health as central characteristics of the student experience

Three students sit together on the lawn in front of Keating Hall on a sunny day

Fordham promises a purpose-driven education, one that meets and cares for all of our students in their individual life circumstances. But we cannot realize this aspiration without attending to students’ mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health and well-being. We will redouble our efforts to overcome the many obstacles that compromise students’ engagement, flourishing, and academic success. Recognizing that underrepresented and international students in all the University’s schools face distinctive challenges, we will place a sustained focus on their needs and, through professional development programs, prepare our faculty and staff to support them. And because holistic well-being includes students’ physical health as well, we will enhance our recreational fitness and intercollegiate athletics programs, seeking to maximize the success of all our student-athletes.

  • Establish appropriate virtual and physical spaces to coordinate and deliver evidence-informed, wraparound support for student success and well-being in all the University’s schools
  • Offer opportunities for mentorship and personal formation that meet the needs of particular populations of students
  • Support athletic and recreational activities at every level of competition, developing innovative programs to promote fitness and pride in Fordham