J-1 Students

This visa/status is usually determined by your sponsor or by the University and at the sponsor’s discretion.

A J-1 student must meet one of two criteria:

your visit is based on an agreement between an institution and/or governments
your substantial funding is not personal or from family

Please note that academic training and other employment requests and concerns should be forwarded to your respective Sponsor’s RO or ARO.

Types of J-1 Students at Fordham

Exchange Students
These students are at our University to enroll full time for one term within one of our formal agreements with another higher education institution. They are not pursuing a degree at our University.

Degree Students
These students are pursuing degrees at our institution and the sponsor deems J-1 visa / status to be given to this student.

Non-Degree Students
Students Conducting Research These “students” obtain and retain our J-1 visa/status are not pursuing degrees or enrolled for course, but they are conducting supervised research pertinent to a degree they are pursuing in their home country.

Fulbright Students
Fulbrights do retain J-1 visa/status but they are NOT our University’s J-1s. The administering the responsibilities for the J-1 program is done by another entity, not our University.

Regulatory Info
Renewing your Visa
Program Extension
Update your Address

Other Info
Health and Safety
Social Security (what need/how to apply as F-1 and as J-1)
Driver’s Licenses and DMV
Tax Information