Resources for Faculty and Campus Partners

In addition to offering writing consultations, the Writing Center also supports faculty and campus partners in a number of ways: 

  • We welcome faculty to refer students to the Writing Center. Please feel free to contact the Writing Center at [email protected], and Coordinators will follow up with the student to welcome them and help them make an appointment. Please note, however, that it is the student’s choice to follow up on making and attending the appointment.
  • The Writing Center is happy to provide verification of visits for faculty purposes. It is the student’s responsibility to request that the tutor send a verification email to the professor.
  • WC tutors are available for classroom visits to introduce the Writing Center and educate students about free services, including consultations on any writing project as well as other resources. Faculty should reach out to the WC corporate email at [email protected], and the Coordinators will follow up to arrange such visits.  
  • WC tutors are also available to visit classrooms to lead mini-workshops. Mini-workshops can be tailored to the needs of the faculty and the current writing assignment, but may include brief writing exercises on citation, quotation integration, transitions, paragraph structure, or other common concerns. Mini-workshops are usually scheduled for 15–20 minutes. 
  • Every semester the WC offers a series of student-focused writing workshops on aspects of the academic writing process. To learn more about these, please email us at [email protected] or visit the Fordham Writing Center website and choose the Workshop tab to find more information.
  • The Writing Center leadership team also collaborates with campus partners (like Office of Student Involvement, Office of the Dean, Office of Prestigious Fellowships, etc.) to organize information sessions, host writing workshops, provide pedagogical resources, and more.

Testimonials from Faculty:

  • Michael Zampelli, SJ (Associate Professor): “The tutor was very helpful in . . . reminding students that they have something to say and assuring them that the process of writing is arduous for all of us. The tutor also shared her own experience of teaching and writing to help the students appreciate these points. The class visit helped to foreground the writing component of the course in a way that integrated it into the course material rather than as an ‘add-on.’ We have since continued with some drafting and peer-review to keep the momentum going.”
  • Anonymous instructor: “The WC class visit is beneficial for students to see somebody in person introducing the WC at the beginning of the semester.” 
  • Chong Bretillon (NTT Faculty): “The WC presentation was very helpful to my first year students. They learned how to access WC services and what kinds of skills they can practice and develop.”
  • Anonymous instructor: “The WC class visit helped destigmatize the WC, and I think more students in my class took advantage of the service as a result.” 
  • Mikela Murphy (Graduate Teaching Assistant): “The WC class visit was great for the undergrads to see the available resources at the WC.”
  • Stafford Davis (Graduate Teaching Fellow): “The WC class visit was helpful because the students get to hear how things operate from a WC tutor themselves.”
  • Shubhangi Mehrotra (NTT Faculty): “Yes, the Writing Center class visit was helpful as the students learned how to make an appointment, what to expect, and what kind of services are offered there . . . [The visiting] tutor was phenomenal and patient with the students while conducting a mini workshop on MLA basics.”

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