Code of Conduct 

The Fordham Writing Center does not tolerate harassment or inappropriate behavior. Tutors have the right to end a session early or refuse service in the event that a student is uncooperative or disrespectful. Unacceptable behavior will be referred to the Writing Center Director and may be reported to Student Affairs, Academic Advising, and/or other relevant parties. It may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of Writing Center Services. 

Non-Original Writing 

As a Writing Center, we believe in fostering critical thinking, originality, and process-based writing. Our AI policy treats AI text generators as tools that can complement the writing process rather than replace it. Whether your course allows the use of AI or not, we will run tutoring sessions in such a way that requires you to understand your essay structure, claims, and evidence. 

We will defer to your instructor’s course policy to determine the level of AI use allowed. In the absence of a policy, we will assume that AI assistance is not allowed. If a tutor suspects misuse of AI in the production of a text, they will withdraw their services. Repeated misuse of AI in texts brought to tutoring sessions will be reported to the WC director and may, depending on the circumstances, be communicated to your instructor. 


If you cannot make it to an appointment, please sign into our online scheduling system and cancel the appointment at your earliest convenience. This ensures that the slot will be available for someone else who needs it.


Appointments that are not canceled in advance are considered “no-shows.” Three no-shows will result in deactivation of your account, and you will not be able to schedule further appointments. To reactivate your account, you will need to get in touch with the WC Coordinators at [email protected].