Ph.D. in Economics Careers/Placements

We rigorously prepare our Ph.D candidates for the academic and non-academic job market. The job market preparation is coordinated by the Graduate Director.

  • Starting in the spring semester prior to entering the job market, our Ph.D. students participate in an information session on the job market process.
  • They are then guided by their mentors to prepare a well-rounded application package during spring and throughout summer.
  • In the fall semester, the Graduate Director sets up mock interviews and job talks for our job market candidates. These are attended by both faculty members and fellow graduate students.
  • Students will be advised throughout the job market process by the Graduate Director and the members of the candidate's dissertation committee.

Our graduates have gone on to careers in academia and as financial analysts, economists, and executives in several fields:

  • Academic (international and domestic)
  • Central Banks
  • European Commission, Joint Committee on Taxation (US)
  • Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, FINRA, US Trust
  • Multinational business
  • Non-governmental organizations (World Bank and UN)
  • International banking
  • International public administration and government

Recent Ph.D. Placements


Meshry El Koudouss, Data Scientist, Fannie Mae

Justine Herve, Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Yadeed Lobo, Lecturer and Director of Learning Center, Fordham University

Donna Odra, Associate Director of the IPED program, Fordham University

Mitali Pradhan, Assistant Professor, Farmingdale College Business School

Valentinas Rudys, Assistant Professor, Weber State University

Shen Wang, Cash Equity Associate, JP Morgan


Wei Chen, Economist, Citibank

Helence Purcell, Post-Doctorate, University of Pennsylvania

Yichen Shao, Economist, JP Morgan Chase

Rafia Zafar, Post-Doctorate, CUNY Graduate Center


Meng Sui, Economist, Freddie Mac

Daniel Svogun, Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America


Walter Bazan Palomino, Economist, Algorand, Cambridge, MA

Leqin Chen, Credit Risk Modeler, Morgan Stanley, New York City

Nimrod Segev, Economist, Finance Division, Research Department, Bank of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

Chuan Shi, Quant and Systematic Trading Specialist, Bloomberg LP, New York City

Zhao Zhao, Senior Derivatives Analyst, MetLife Investment Management, New York City


Junwei Chen, Senior Associate in Capital Market Statistics and Monitoring Center, China Securities Regulatory Commission

Ruixuan Hu, Adjunct Professor, Tianjin Polytechnic University, China

Katie Jajtner, NRSA Postdoctoral Trainee, Center for Demography of Health and Aging, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Shannon Pullaro, Research Recruitment Coordinator (Postdoc), RYTE Institute, Montclair State University


Bassem Haikal, Diplomat & Economist, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hoolda Kim, Assistant Professor, Black Hills State University (SD)

Yang Li, Assistant Professor, Shanghai International Studies University

Joseph Mauro, Assistant Professor, Central Arkansas University Business School

Jason McCormack, AVP, Family Office Senior Solutions Specialist, US Trust, and Adjunct Professor, St Joseph's College

Yunfei Song, Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Market Risk Team, and Adjunct Professor, CUNY


John Griffen, Economist, Department of Justice, Economics Analysis Group

Jiaming Li, President and CEO, Universal Capital Holdings Group Inc.


Michael Gallagher, Assistant Professor of Finance, St. Bonaventure University

Juan Guerra, Economist, Central Bank of Chile, Macro Analysis Department

Helena Glebocki Keefe, Assistant Professor of Practice, Fairfield College

Brandon Pecoraro, Economist, Joint Committee on Taxation, Washington DC


Clifford Goss, Economist, Deloitte, Adjunct Professor, UNC Charlotte

Michael Mebane, Risk and Energy Client Consultant, MSCI Inc

Yumna Omar, Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations


Kevin Chua, Assistant Professor, Shandong University, China

Liu Liu, Senior Risk Modeler, FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)

Plamen Nikolov, Economist, European Commission, Belgium

Rossen Trendafilov, Assistant Professor, Truman State University

Brandon Vick, Assistant Professor,Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Justine Wood, Lecturer in Business Economics, Loughborough University, UK


Farrukh Khan, Analyst,Royal Bank of Scotland

Josephine Kibe, Financial Economist, The World Bank, Washington DC


Mohamad Abou Hamia, Economist, United Nations

Audrey Costabile, Vice President, Applied Research,MSCI Inc

Maria Davalos, Economist, Young Professionals Program (YPP), World Bank, Washington DC

Samir Gadio, Financial Economist, Renaissance Capital

Kurt Jetta,TABS Analytics

Candace Marriott, Transfer Pricing Economist, Ernst & Young

Ronald Mendoza, Economist, UNICEF

Meghan Mihal, Assistant Professor, St Thomas Acquinas

Elitza Mileva, Economist, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

Jennifer Murray, Assistant Professor, Saint Anselm College

Emre Ozsoz, Assistant Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Yongli Zhang, Manager, Transfer Pricing, PwC