English PhD Teaching Practicum

The required 10th course for English PhD students consists of sequenced pedagogy training spanning two semesters.


ENGL 5999 Colloquium:Pedagogy Theo/Pra 1 is the first part of the Teaching Practicum and is to be taken in the spring of the English PhD student's 2nd year (before teaching). This part includes individual interviews, assignment of written work, and practice teaching. Each student will have a mentor, complete a portfolio of materials, and create multiple assignments.

ENGL 5999 is graded as Pass or Fail. Once students receive a grade of Pass for ENGL 5999, they will be approved to take the second part of the course in the fall semester (when English PhD students begin to teach). The second part, ENGL 6004 Colloquium: Ped Theory:Pr (taken in the fall of the English PhD student's 3rd year), introduces students to different pedagogical approaches and methods.

Students take the first part of the Teaching Practicum (ENGL 5999) in the spring of their 2nd Year. Students register themselves through my.fordham.edu with the CRN for that particular semester. 

Students must receive a grade of Pass in ENGL 5999 for enrollment in the second part of the Practicum.

Students register for the second part of the Practicum, ENGL 6004, in my.fordham.edu using an override provided to them by the Graduate Administrator.

Although the seminar introduces students to a variety of pedagogical issues, meetings will focus on the teaching of English Composition/ Rhetoric, a course that is essential to Fordham's Writing Program.

Over the course of their careers at Fordham University, students who have successfully completed the sequenced training will have the opportunity to teach English Composition/ Rhetoric and, in some cases, literature courses.