Environmental Studies Student Profiles

Alumni have been accepted to prestigious graduate programs at Yale, Columbia, and London School of Economics, and environmental law programs at Pace, Fordham, and Vermont. They have successfully found employment in the government, private and non-profit sectors. See sample profiles below.

Karianne Rivera
Karianne completed a spring semester in the Tanzania-Kenya study abroad program in wildlife ecology and then a summer with the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates Program studying bees in Turkey, returning to Fordham to work on her senior year and prepare for graduate studies in animal ecology. Read Karianne's Africa Study Abroad Blog.

John Scott
John graduated from the program in 2012 after having interned for three years in the mammalogy department at the Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo) and completing his senior thesis on a historical study of zoos and their conservation role in the contemporary world. Upon graduating, he immediately secured employment with Natural Encounters, Inc.: Connecting Humans To the Natural World in Orlando, Florida.

Nadia Seeteram
Nadia graduated from the program in 2012, completing her senior thesis on a statistical study of public responses to the different descriptions of climate change as "global warming” and "global climate change," and the political implications of these responses. She has been accepted to the Master of Science program in environmental studies at Florida International University in Miami, receiving full funding for her studies. After completing her master’s degree, she plans to gain professional experience, complete a MBA in sustainable business, and work in the private sector.

Nicol Bellettiere
Nicol graduated from the program in 2012, completing her senior thesis on the need for pedagogical reform in K-12, post-secondary, and public environmental education in the direction of more experience-based, hands-on learning. She has been accepted to the Master of Science program at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY.

Devin Gladden
Devin graduated from the program in 2009 and was awarded a prestigious Udall Scholarship on the Environment to support his studies, taking advantage of volunteer and internship opportunities with the many environmental organizations found in the Bronx. During his junior year, he completed a study abroad program in Tanzania, studying coastal ecology and environmental management. After graduation, he worked for two years as a paralegal in Washington, D.C. for the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division. He is currently completing a Master of Science in environmental policy and regulation at the London School of Economics and plans to work in the area of international environmental policy and regulation.

Teresa Crimmens
After graduating from the program in 2002, Teresa completed a Master of Public Administration in environmental science and policy at Columbia. For the next five years, she worked as the ecology director at the Bronx River Alliance, where she co-authored the Bronx River Ecological Restoration and Management Plan and co-founded the Storm Water Infrastructure Matters (SWIM) Coalition. From 2009 to 2011, she worked as director of operations for the Tahoe Rim Trail Association in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and Nevada. In 2012, she began her new position as director of Tahoe Resource Conservation District's Truckee Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program.