Environmental Studies Student Research Program

The program strongly encourages you to conduct original research in courses, internships, study abroad, and the senior thesis.

Students can take advantage of the Rose Hill campus undergraduate research program, which provides funding, conference presentation, and journal publication opportunities during the academic year and summer sessions.

Strong research skills and accomplishments documented in your resume give you an edge in employment and graduate-school applications.

The capstone research experience for majors is the senior thesis course ENST 4000 – Senior Thesis. Students spend an entire semester on an original research project and publish their work in an online journal format.

Explore a sampling of recent research thesis publications.

Colony Collapse Disorder in North American Honey Bees: History, Economics and Policy, Lauren Marra

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: A Tragedy of the Commons on the High Seas, Janice G. Boswell

Globalization of Contamination: A Case for Environmental Justice in the Transnational Trade of Electronic Waste, Joanna M. Groccia

Wasting Plates: Addressing Food Waste in the United States, Sarah Geuss

Too Pig to Fail: Considering Regulatory Solutions to the Environmental Damages Caused by Industrial Hog Farms in North Carolina, Samir Hafez

Hurricane Sandy: A Chance to Identify Vulnerabilities, Learn from the Past, and Increase Future Resiliency, Julianne Yee

Not a Walk In the Park: Environmental Justice in New York City, Lindsey Grier

Water Water Everywhere: Analyzing Long Island's Water Issues and Finding Solutions for a Sustainable Future, Anthony T. Becker