Sal Acosta

Associate Professor of History
Email: [email protected]
Office: Dealy Hall 626
Phone: 718-817-3931

  • PhD United States History, 2010
    Minor: Latin American History
    University of Arizona

    MS Mexican American Studies, 2004
    University of Arizona

    PhD Latin American Literature, 1997
    Minor: Chicano Literature
    University of California, Los Angeles

  • Sal Acosta specializes in the history of Latinos in the United States. He focuses on the social impact of the development of the Southwest and on the social and cultural experiences of Latinos since 1846. He is currently preparing a manuscript on interethnic marriages in Arizona (1854-1930). His quantitative and qualitative research helps to reevaluate the perception that intermarriages in the nineteenth-century Southwest occurred primarily among enterprising white men and the daughters of the old Mexican/Spanish elites.

    Dr. Acosta teaches Understanding Historical Change (History 1100), Latino History (History 3950), Mexico (History 3968), Latin America and the United States (History 3969), Latinos and the United States (History 5915), and U.S. Thought and Politics to 1877 (History 6724). He is associated with the American Studies program and the Latin American & Latino Studies Institute (LALSI).

  • Sal Acosta's Curriculum Vitae