LALSI Internships

  • Pregones/PRTT (Bronx and New York, NY)
    Following years of enterprising activity on stage and in the community, Pregones Theater and Puerto Rican Traveling Theater recently merged into a single Latino arts organization with performance venues in The Bronx and Manhattan. The transformation builds upon congruence of mission, values, and programs, and sustained engagement of a growing network of diverse artists and audiences throughout and beyond New York City. Moving forward, Pregones/PRTT champions a cultural legacy of broad impact through (1) creation and performance of original musical theater and plays rooted in Puerto Rican/Latino cultures and (2) presentation of other artists who share our twin commitment to the arts and civic enrichment.

  • Latin American News Digest (Washington D.C., District of Columbia)
    Latin American News Digest aggregates the news of the Latin American media. The value they add comes not just from presenting the highlights, but from recognizing patterns across countries, noting differences, following themes, aggregating and synthesizing (About Us). Interns generally work approximately five-six hours per week with most of that work falling on Wednesdays and Thursdays since submissions are due on Fridays. This internship does not require onsite work. Interns work remotely but need to be readily available via email, cell, and Skype.

    Latino Rebels (NPR, New York, NY) - is a collective of writers, editors, journalists, bloggers, opinion makers, and content curators. The group uses social media, news, humor, and commentary to analyze and observe the U.S. Latino world and Latin America.

  • Bronx Children's Museum

    The Bronx Children's Museum seeks to inspire children, along with their families and caregivers, to learn about themselves within the richness and diversity of their surroundings and beyond, and to become stewards of the planet.

    Digital Archives Intern at The Bronx Country Historical Society (The Bronx, NY)     

    The Bronx County Archives at The Bronx County Historical Society Research Library seeks an intern to assist with back-end aspects of processing archival collections and making them fully discoverable to potential researchers online. Under the guidance of the Society’s archivist, the intern will help prepare finding aids and enter catalog records for recently processed archival collections. Other responsibilities will include assisting with a long-term digitization project, locating and archiving born-digital material relevant to The Bronx, and entering metadata for all digital media. To learn more and to apply via Handshake please click here.

    National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI, New York, NY)

    NMAI provides educational opportunities for students interested in the museum profession and related fields. Interns complete projects using the resources of the NMAI and other Smithsonian offices. Internships are an opportunity for students to learn about the museum's collections, exhibitions, programs, and methodologies, and to meet professionals in the museum field. The George Gustav Heye Center (GGHC) opened in 1994 in the newly renovated Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House in lower Manhattan. The GGHC features temporary exhibitions and a range of public programs. Due to building renovations and limited staffing at the NMAI-NY, internships in the following areas are available intermittently.

    Oral History Intern at the Bronx Country Historical Society (The Bronx, NY)

    The Bronx County Archives at The Bronx County Historical Society Research Library seeks an intern to assist with all aspects of ongoing community-based oral history endeavors. In collaboration with the Society’s archivist, the intern will form close relationships with and compile research dossiers on prospective interviewees and relevant community organizations. Intern will participate in select oral history interviews, which are currently being conducted via video-conferencing software, with increasing degrees of responsibility and will assist in transcribing or coordinating the transcription of recorded oral histories. To learn more and to apply via Handshake please click here.

  • El Taller Latino Americano (New York, NY)
    The Latin American Workshop is a community-based non-profit arts and education institution founded in New York City in 1979 to bridge the gap between Latin Americans and North Americans through the language of art, dance, and music. It seeks not only to educate, but also to engage and gather diverse groups together culturally and linguistically on the common ground of creativity Latino Art and Education institution. Their vision is to advance the development of a cohesive community by providing exposure to, understanding of and respect for diverse cultural arts through the provision of cross-discipline and cross-cultural collaborations among individuals, artists, and organizations.

    Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education (Bronx, NY)
    Their mission is to empower youth and their families by creating a culture of learning through high quality social, cultural, and education opportunities. Especially for the children of newly arrived families from Puerto Rico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

    The Point (Bronx, NY)
    The Point is a non-profit organization dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. Internships registered on Career Services.

    • Phone: 718-542-4139 ext.129
    • Email: Isabel Figueroa, Youth Program Coordinator at [email protected]

    Queen Sofia Spanish Institute (New York, NY)
    Queen Sofia Spanish Institute is a not-for-profit corporation established by private American citizens to stimulate interest in the United States about the culture, art, customs, language literature, and history of Spain. Its purpose is also to promote world knowledge and understanding of the ideals, cultures, and customs of the people of the United States among the Spanish-speaking people of the world in order to create ties of friendship, promotion of mutual understanding and the strengthening of bonds of peace.

    • Phone: 212-628-0420
    • Email: Patrice Degnan Erquicia, Executive Directors at [email protected]

    Instituto Cervantes (New York, NY)
    Instituto Cervantes is an institution that was founded by the Spanish government in 1991 to universally promote the Spanish language, its teaching, study, and use, as well as develop the quality and visibility of these, and to spread Spanish and Hispanic-American culture. The central head office of the institution is located in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). Instituto Cervantes is present on five continents with more than 75 centers spread out across many different countries and is committed to the improvement of the study, the use and teaching of the Spanish language.

    • Phone: 212-308-7720
    • Email: Ariana Perez, Assistant to Executive Director at [email protected]

    Hispanic Access Foundation (Summer Internships across the U.S.)
    Hispanic Access oundation is a national nonprofit organization, improves the lives of Hispanics in the United States and promotes civic engagement by educating, motivating and helping them to access trustworthy support systems. HAF's vision is that Hispanics throughout the U.S. enjoy good physical health, a vibrant natural environment, a quality education, economic success and engagement in their communities with the sum of improving the future of America.

    • Phone: 202-640-4342 (Washington D.C., Home Office)
    • Email: Michelle Neuenschwander, Program Director, at [email protected]