What We Offer Mathematics Students

Math students visit the Escher exhibition

Math students and faculty visit the Escher exhibition

Fordham has a lively and always expanding undergraduate mathematics department extending across both campuses. Faculty are engaged and dynamic, educators, and researchers. We encourage our faculty to actively mentor student research both during the academic year and our summer session. In recent years, this research has allowed our students to be chosen for mathematical, medical, financial, and information technology internships both nationally and internationally.

In addition to the B.S. and B.A. degrees in Mathematics, we offer joint majors in Mathematics and Computer Science and in Mathematics and Economics, we participate in 5-year programs leading to dual degrees in mathematics and engineering in partnership with Columbia University and Case Western Reserve University, and we offer a 5-year integrated teacher education track.

Testimonials from alumni:

When I came to Fordham I always had a fear of learning new topics in math or any other STEM class in general, and I feel like being a Math major put that fear in me to rest. Teachers made it easy for me to tackle new topics and new projects, and I learned and I truly had a good time in the process… Special thanks to my Differential Equations professor, who fostered a very positive, fun, and growth inspiring environment, and I truly gained a newfound respect and admiration for Math and people who devote their lives to it.

Don't shy away from what is feared by most and tried by few because the few that try it always come out shining brighter than those that feared it. You might not feel like a star at the beginning but the math department at Fordham will certainly shape you into one by the time you come out.
--DJ, '20, Stony Brook Graduate School of Engineering candidate

I found the department to be full of vibrant and caring faculty members who challenged and encouraged me to grow both as a mathematician and a person. Furthermore, the various programs and activities put on by the math department, such as the Math Help Room and Tea Time, were great ways to become further immersed in the friendly culture… While I had originally intended to pursue Fordham's combined engineering program, I ultimately decided to pursue law instead--a path to which I believe my math major courses were a great boon.

--Graham, ’20, candidate for a J.D. at University of Colorado Law School

I was inspired to go to graduate school in math by the real analysis class I took as a sophomore. I was amazed by seeing how mathematics really works… I also really enjoyed the feeling of hanging out in the math lounge and solving problems with others on the board.
--Ming, '19, UPenn Pure Math Ph.D. candidate

At Fordham every professor and class I had in the math department completely exceeded my expectations. Each professor I had genuinely cared about their students, and my experience at Fordham became largely defined by the great personal relationships I built with my professors... I really think the Fordham math student body has a special environment of communal learning.
--Phillip, '19, JHU Applied Math Ph.D. candidate

The math department was by far the most welcoming, interactive, and stimulating (for me, at least). I actually intended on majoring in just physics, but found a passion in math through my required coursework for physics, and ended up getting a math degree too!
--Joseph '19, Brown University ScM Physics candidate

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Fordham’s math department, the small classroom sizes made engaging the professors during class seamless. Furthermore, the availability of professors outside of standard office hours made seeking additional help extremely straightforward. A gem of the department is the math lounge, the math department makes sure a professor is always stationed in the lounge to answer questions.  Furthermore, this space acts as a location where you can collaborate with other classmates or simply hang out in-between classes.
--Matt, '18, Barclays Capital, UC Berkeley Statistics Masters candidate

I appreciated the breadth of material that I was able to cover - from calculus and linear algebra to probability/statistics and numerical analysis and even PDEs. I found most if not all professors to be very approachable in office hours and willing to work with me when I didn't understand something. Between a variety of courses that were pertinent to my interests in applied math and quantitative finance and the research opportunities I was able to pursue, I can't think of anything I felt was missing.
--Jeremy, '16, Princeton MFin graduate, AQR Capital Management

It was great to have small classes with professors who deeply cared about teaching. Many of my more advanced math classes had fewer than 10 people in the class, which allowed the professors to tailor the subject material to the interests of the students. I even did a couple of reading courses with professors just based purely on interest and wanting some more preparedness for grad school.
--Emily, '14, University of Washington M.A. in Mathematics, Facebook AI Research

I came to Fordham at the age of 20, interested in business and checking the box of getting a degree. I took the required Finite Mathematics with Dr. Morrison and rediscovered my love of math. That class changed the course of my life. Math is a terrific tool for an extremely diverse set of applications. After school I spent time using mathematics in the financial industry. But I always loved puzzles too, and eventually turned that into my work. I founded Escape the Room NYC, the first escape room in the country. It now has 26 locations and 400 employees spread across the US.

--Victor, ’06, Fullbright Fellow in Economics, Founder and CEO of Escape the Room

Our alumni have gone on to:

Entrepreneur and Inventor: Founder and CEO of Escape the Room
Fellowships: Fullbright Fellowship
Finance: AQR Capital Management, Goldman Sachs, Legg Mason, Morgan Stanley, Munich Re Group
Government: Department of Commerce, Department of Defense
Graduate programs: Brown, JHU, Princeton, Stony Brook, UC Berkeley, UPenn, University of Washington
Industry: Goddard Space Flight Center, Hewlett Packard, ITT Corp, Mercer Group
Technology: Facebook AI Research, Reddit