Mathematics Positions Available

Faculty Positions for Fall 2023

The Mathematics Department of Fordham University currently seeks to fill four positions:

  1. three Peter M. Curran Visiting Assistant Professor positions (our department's postdoctoral program)
  2. Senior Position at open rank in Applied or Computational Mathematics

The links above point to postings of the positions in where you will find our desiderata for each and explanations of how to apply for them. Below, we give an overview of Fordham and our Department aimed at applicants for both positions. If you would like further information about either position or about us, please email us at [email protected].


Fordham’s 2020 Diversity Action Plan commits it to addressing racism, educating for justice and pursuing greater diversity, equity, and inclusion across the University.


Although we are an undergraduate Department, our tenured and tenure-track faculty all have active research programs and an increasing number are supported by external grants. Our specialties include number theory (arithmetic geometry, modular forms, diophantine equations, K theory), algebraic geometry (moduli spaces, geometric invariant theory, symbolic computation, applied algebraic geometry), PDE (biological fluid dynamics, geometry of PDEs, Yamabe problems), differential geometry (Ricci and other flows, harmonic maps, minimal surfaces, geometry of integrable systems, solitons), complex analysis (quasi-conformal mappings, dynamical systems), metric geometry (geometric measure theory), and stochastic analysis (Levy processes, stochastic differential equations, averaging and approximation methods).


Fordham’s educational mission is centered on a tradition of cura personalis, respect and care for the entire person. We believe that cultural and intellectual diversity is central to the excellence of our academic program and we welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds. To tailor instruction to this tradition, classes are small (at most 25 students in courses in the Mathematics major and 35 in service courses). The normal load is 7.5 contact hours per semester (“3-2”), usually with at most 2 preparations. We thus expect that the number of hours which the candidate will devote to teaching will be comparable to that in similar junior positions in “2-2” departments. The Department offers B.Sc. and B.A. degrees in Mathematics, joint majors in Mathematics and Computer Science and in Mathematics and Economics, and participates in a 5-year Cooperative Program in Engineering (in collaboration with the departments of Physics and Chemistry and with Columbia and Case Western Reserve).


The primary teaching responsibilities of these two positions will be in the undergraduate program within Fordham College at Rose Hill in the Bronx, a beautiful 85-acre campus bordered by dynamic, diverse neighborhoods that characterize this legendary borough, the scenic New York Botanical Gardens, and the Wildlife Conservation Society’s world-renowned 265-acre Bronx Zoo. A second campus, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, is located in midtown Manhattan adjacent to the world-renowned Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and a block from Columbus Circle and Central Park. The University operates a fleet of express vans that connect the two campuses in 30 minutes and operate year-round 18-22 hours a day.

Mathematics in the New York area

New York is one of the most important mathematical centers in the United States. Columbia University, New York University and the City University of New York are all located within 30 minutes of Fordham. Rutgers and Stony Brook can be reached in just under an hour by car or train and Princeton and Yale in just over an hour. The Department is generally able to arrange teaching schedules to allow faculty to attend seminars and courses in their specialty at these area institutions, and many members of the department actively collaborate with their faculty.