Joan E. Roberts


Professor of Chemistry

Positive and Negative Effects of Light on Human Health
Office: Lincoln Center 813
[email protected]
  • I received my Bachelor's in Chemistry from Marymount Manhattan College, and my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from St. John's University.

  • Dr. Roberts's main area of expertise is the positive and negative effects of light on the human health. With her collaborators in Milan, Italy; Shanghai, China; Brookhaven National Laboratories, Long Island, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, she studies how UV and blue visible light enhance the formation of cataracts and macular degeneration and studies ways of preventing these age related diseases. In Locarno, Switzerland, Dr. Roberts studies how modification of circadian rhythm influences the human immune system, jet lag and mood (seasonal depression). In addition to over 100 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals, Joan’s work has been published in several prominent “lay journals” including New Scientist, Essence Magazine, Sky & Telescope and on several medical websites, such as ABC, Reuters and BBC News. Joan has been featured on ABC World News Tonight with Bill Blakemore for her research on melatonin/circadian immune responses, ITV (UK) on the dangers of St. John's Wort and on PBS Brian Lehrer discussing proper lighting for sight and sleep.

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