Students working in lab

Natural Sciences

The mission of the Department of Natural Sciences is undergraduate education, and our work is focused on the training of Fordham undergraduates in the classroom, in our lab courses, and in independent research.

Our department is interdisciplinary. Our faculty include chemists, physicists, data scientists, and biologists with expertise in diverse fields. Faculty in our department teach courses that satisfy several majors and programs, including Natural Sciences (with concentrations in chemical sciences, organismal biology, and cell and molecular biology), Integrative NeurosciencesEnvironmental Sciences, and Pre-Health. Our courses  also satisfy the science requirements for the FCLC Honors Program and for the FCLC core curriculum. Our courses are rigorous, our lecture and lab class sizes are small, and most of our students carry out independent research with us in our labs or under our co-mentorship with researchers in external labs. Consequently, we get to know our students very well. We take pride in our graduates' success and for how well-prepared they are for work in their chosen fields, including medicine, academia, and education.