The program in Bible equips students with a sound linguistic and exegetical training for research and teaching. Reading courses in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek are fundamental to the program, and study of other ancient languages relevant to the student's area of research are available through the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium and the New York Theological Group.

Close readings of biblical texts in the original languages, using both historical-critical and literary approaches, form the core studies. Work in ancillary disciplines and history of exegesis supports this textual work. A primary focus of the program is an investigation of the theological implications of the biblical text.

Language Requirements

In addition to French and German, students in Bible must demonstrate proficiency in Hebrew and Greek through departmental exams and proficiency in Aramaic through a course or tutorial.

Comprehensive Exams

  • A student whose field of study is Bible will take his or her two major exams in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament. The dissertation area exam will focus on the testament in which the student is concentrating.
  • A student from another field of study who selects a biblical field for his or her minor exam will specify either the exam in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament or the exam in New Testament.

Bible Faculty

Mary Callaway
Benjamin Dunning
Karina Hogan
Harry Nasuti
Michael Peppard
Larry L. Welborn