Heartland ECSI

Heartland ECSI Recovery Select

Fordham University has recently partnered with Heartland ECSI Recovery Select, an account servicing platform, to manage past-due student accounts and perform pre-collection activities.

A student account with a past due balance that has not enrolled in the payment plans available through NelNet or made payment arrangements with Fordham University will be transferred to the Heartland ECSI Recovery Select program. Heartland ECSI Recovery Select will contact students on behalf of Fordham University for a period of approximately three months (90 days). Recovery Select will communicate with students via phone and invoices mailed to the student mailing addresses on file with Fordham.

Students will be required to work directly with the Heartland ECSI Recovery Select team once their account has been transferred. Students working with Recovery Select will have the option to create payment plans or make a one-time payment to satisfy the balance.

Please note: A payment plan established with ECSI Recovery Select must be paid in full in order to register for future terms. This requirement is in place to ensure that financial obligations are met before enrolling in upcoming courses or programs.

Note: Recovery Select is not a collection agency. Heartland ECSI Recovery Select will work with Fordham students to avoid being placed with a collection agency. If the account is not paid in full or a payment plan is not established, the past due balance will be placed with a third-party collection agency. Students are responsible for any collection or legal fees.


ECSI Recovery Select - www.recoveryselect.com

P: +1 844 454 6100
Monday to Friday
7:30am to 8:00pm EST