Club Officers

  • I am a senior here at Fordham University and have been a catcher on Club Baseball team here since my Freshman year. I'm from Hastings-on-Hudson and went to High School right here on campus at Fordham Prep. Outside of Club Baseball I'm also part of WFUV the radio station here at Fordham. A fun fact about me is my brother graduated Fordham in 2019 and also served as Club Baseball President.

  • As a senior, I have playing club baseball since freshman year primarily as a pitcher. I am majoring in communications and work and WFUV radio station on campus. A fun fact about me is I'm from a very small town in Northern California called Sonora that has under 5000 people and coming to school in New York City has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

  • On the field, I mostly play middle infield, but I can also pitch and play outfield. I’m a senior in the Gabelli School of Business majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics. I’m originally from Summit, New Jersey, and a fun fact about me is I am a huge Yankee fan.