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Living on Campus

Building - LG

Living on Campus at Rose Hill

Old Dorm at LC - LG

Living on Campus at Lincoln Center

Learn where you live. Live where you learn.

New York is your campus. Fordham is your school. Our residence halls are your home. The sense of community that shapes so much of your college experience starts from the moment you move in, meet your roommates for the first time, and figure out where to put your family photos.

Student housing is guaranteed for four years for students (as long as students remain in housing contiguously) at both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center; housing options include dorm-style single, double, and triple rooms, as well as apartments and suites.

Living on campus will help you:

  • Develop relationships with a diverse population of people
  • Develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills
  • Get more involved in campus leadership, organizations, and activities
  • Have more contact with faculty and staff members

You live here. Make yourself comfortable.