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Physics and Engineering Physics

Applied Optics Lab

We are a small department of nine full-time faculty members, a lecturer, and seven adjunct faculty, but we have nearly 100 undergraduates major in Physics or Engineering Physics. As a small department we can devote ourselves to providing a strong education for all of our students. As a purely undergraduate department, we strive to share our interest and excitement in physics and engineering physics with them.

Additionally, our faculty (and many of our students!) are involved in research in the following fields:

  • Applied Optics
  • Astrophysics
  • Condensed Matter Physics (theory and experiment)
  • High Energy Particle Theory
  • Medical Physics
  • Molecular and Nanoelectronic device modeling
  • Nuclear Theory
  • Polymer Physics
  • Seismology

Believing in the value of research for undergraduates, we encourage our students to actively participate in faculty research groups.