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Student Jobs at Ram Van


Ram Van Employee


The Department of University Transportation is proud to serve Fordham University and it would not be possible without our dedicated staff of student-workers.

The Ram Van shuttles are driven, dispatched and maintained by our outstanding staff of over 100 student-workers.

Ram Van student-workers typically work 12 hours per week and are well compensated.

Students working in our office develop valuable professional skills including time management, communication, multi-tasking, conflict resolution and teamwork.

All student-workers begin as drivers, and have the opportunity to rise through our ranks, becoming dispatchers or student-leaders.

Ram Van also provides chartered trips to Fordham University groups, as well as airport service before Fordham University holidays. Drivers with good records have the opportunity for additional work experience and higher levels of compensation by operating some of the 2500 special trips we make per year.  




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