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Who Can Drive

In order to drive University vehicles, you must meet certain insurance and eligibility requirements. 

Insurance and Eligibility Requirements

1. Be licensed for over one year.

2. No more than one accident or moving violation on your driving record.

3. No reckless driving charge, license suspension for any reason, speed violation of more than 25 miles per hour over the limit or more, DUI or DWI. Any of these will automatically disqualify you. 

4. No medical restrictions, as defined under Article 19-A of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (any medical conditions that would cause loss of consciousness, vision or ability to operate a vehicle safely while carrying passengers).

5. No student should be pressured to complete certification. Any student who feels they have been placed in this situation should contact a DUT administrator prior to moving forward with the certification process.  

In addition to these requirements, please refer to our Driver Certification Procedure to confirm your eligibility.