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Disability Studies

Degree Options: Minor
Locations: Lincoln Center, Rose Hill
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What if the world were built for everyone?

Woman Helping Older Woman on Computer

Having a disability may not define a person, but it does change how they navigate the world. As a disability studies minor, you will learn how the concepts of disability and normality are understood in different times, spaces, and cultures. And you will gain practical knowledge of how to conceptualize and produce more accessible built and social environments.

The disability studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that examines historical, cultural, economic, physiological, and sociopolitical perspectives to understand the meanings and effects of disability. You’ll explore the intersection of social justice, human rights, and disability studies in recognizing the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. And you’ll discover the ways in which economics, law, medicine, the media, and the labor market can both challenge and uplift those with disabilities.

And you'll explore more than disability studies here. You'll also study philosophy, theology, literature, languages, ethics, mathematics, science, and the performing arts through Fordham's common core curriculum, the centerpiece of our liberal arts education.

We want you to excel in your field—and as a human being.

Program Highlights

As a disability studies minor, you’ll take six courses in the field, including the required introductory course, one upper-level disabilities course, and four electives in disability studies.

Additionally, you will have valuable opportunities to participate in and contribute to the Fordham Disability Scholarship Cluster seminars, to attend distinguished lectures and other events throughout the year, and to engage with the broader community of disability studies scholars in New York City.

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Disabilities Studies
  • Black Disability Studies
  • Disability, Literature, Culture: Neurological, Mental, and Cognitive Difference in Culture and Context
  • Extraordinary Bodies
  • Labor Market and Diversity
  • Disability: Economic and Other Approaches
  • Independent Study

Life After Fordham

Education. Human rights. Architecture. Healthcare. Psychology and social work. Public policy. Law. These are just a few of the fields that our disability studies minors might pursue. Whether you enter the workforce or pursue further academic study in the field, your minor will inform you with a unique and powerful perspective.

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