Dealy Hall

History is essential for our understanding of how we came to be, and for the broader understanding of human society, culture, politics, and religion. As a student of history, you will take courses that range in topics, periods, and geographies and introduce you to a breadth of primary and secondary sources. These courses will help hone your analytical, interpretive, research, and rhetorical skills.  Such skills are invaluable to all vocations, though our students frequently thrive in legal, political, editorial, and teaching professions.

Our students also gain the rare privilege of learning history in New York City, a diverse and thrilling metropolitan region rich in its own history and historical resources, including museums, famous buildings, libraries, and archives. Few locations around the world can rival the opportunities that New York offers our students.

Our dynamic, nationally renowned faculty are deeply committed to your academic development. We always encourage you to ask questions in class, meet with us outside of class, and pursue the research that most inspires you. For more information, stop by our department or contact the directors of undergraduate studies; Dr Sal Acosta at the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx (Dealy 614) and Dr Chris Maginn (LL 422C) at the Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan.