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B.A. in International Political Economy

The international political economy major (IPE) explores the nature and complexities of our increasingly interdependent and politicized global economy from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Program Highlights

  • Interdisciplinary major training students in political, economic, and quantitative analysis, as well as an introduction to other cultures
  • Options to use electives to further specialize their studies according to their interests (including foreign language and global business)
  • Prepare for employment with banks, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations concerned with the global economy
  • Prepare for graduate and professional training in law, business administration, economics, political science, and international affairs

Contact Us

Rose Hill
Department of Economics
E-503 Dealy Hall

Prof. Mary Burke, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies

Lincoln Center
Department of Economics
113 West 60th Street (Leon Lowenstein) 924

Prof. Jerome Lahaye, Ph.D.
Associate Chair

Department of Economics

Prof Johanna Francis, Ph.D.
Department Chair