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Business Economics Concentration

Economics is a challenging discipline that offers students a clear and concise way of analyzing a wide variety of issues in economics and business.

Why concentrate in economics?

  • Job recruiters are favorably disposed toward students who have selected economics as a concentration
  • Business constitutes a special area in applied economics, and many of the courses offered in an MBA program utilize tools developed by economists
  • Students planning to attend a demanding graduate business program will have a competitive advantage by having studied economics at the undergraduate level
  • Law schools believe that economics provides an excellent preparation for the study of law: economics takes a logical, ordered approach to problems and also introduces the student to concepts and issues, e.g., government regulation, corporation finance, business concentration, which are presented in a number of courses in law school

Are you interested in finance?

  • Micro aspects of finance consider the "finance function" of a company (managing the financial, internal aspects of a particular corporation). If this type of finance interests you, consider a secondary concentration in business economics or a minor in economics from Fordham College.
  • An economics background becomes imperative when considering working on Wall Street as a security analyst, evaluating the financial positions of companies and picking stocks to recommend.
  • The ability to analyze, a tool that economics classes develop, will be extremely important. One way to distinguish yourself from your peers is to select a primary concentration in business economics and a secondary concentration in finance.

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