About the Program

The Master of Arts in Ethics and Society Graduate Program

Our program provides students with valuable opportunities to develop moral competence and character, and contribute to community welfare and national policy that advance the common good. We embody the University's mission to offer education in the Jesuit tradition of intellectual excellence enriched through moral values and active engagement in creating a caring and just world, by providing a multidisciplinary and broadly applicable education.

Program Curriculum

To gain the intellectual tools for critical and compassionate engagement, students take two courses in each of the following areas: moral philosophy, moral theology, the natural and social sciences, and electives, tailoring the program to the student's individual interests and career goals. Learn more about our program requirements and courses.

Elective Field Practicum Experience

We seek to provide practical as well as intellectual underpinnings to help our graduates engage with today's ethical concerns. Students may opt to shadow a professional whose work engages them in ethical decision-making one day per week over the course of a semester as one of their elective courses. Learn more about our practicum option.

Multidisciplinary Faculty and Peers

Our students and faculty come from diverse backgrounds, and bring a variety of viewpoints and areas of expertise to their shared passion for critical problem solving and broad approach to analyzing contemporary ethical challenges. Learn more about our faculty and our students’ achievements.

Alumni and Careers

With the climbing cost of education, we are especially concerned with placing students well. Graduates of the Master of Arts in ethics and society will have ongoing access to a network of ethics professionals, as well as connection to a host of ethics opportunities. See more about our alumni achievements and possible career paths.

Admissions Information

Students are admitted on a rolling basis. However, students interested in fall admission are encouraged to apply by late July, and those interested in spring admission are encouraged to submit materials by the end of November. Please note that if you are applying for merit-based aid, Fordham's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences recommends applying earlier. Learn more about the application process.

Director of Masters in Ethics and Society

For more information contact Bryan Pilkington, Director of Academic Programs, Center for Ethics Education; bpilkington1@fordham.edu 718-817-0128.