Master of Arts in Ethics and Society Faculty

The following Fordham University faculty teach courses approved for the Center's Master's Degree in Ethics and Society and Advanced Certificate in Health Care Ethics, or participate in the Center's ethics events including lectures, conferences, and symposia. To learn more about these faculty members, please visit their websites.

Center for Ethics Education

Celia B. Fisher, Mary Ward Doty University Chair in Ethics; Professor of Psychology; Director, Center for Ethics Education; Director, HIV/Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute

Steven Swartzer, Associate Director for Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Center for Ethics Education

Michael Baur, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Adjunct Professor of Law, Associate Director, Center for Ethics Education

Thomas Massaro, Professor of Theology

Rimah Jaber, M.A., Program Administrator, HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute
Senior Editor, Ethics and Society (Staff)

Lori Merone, Administrative Assistant (Staff)


Michael Baur, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Adjunct Professor of Law, Associate Director, Center for Ethics Education

John Davenport, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Peace and Justice

Brian Davies, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

John J. Drummond, Robert Southwell, S.J. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities

Christopher W. Gowans, Professor of Philosophy

Stephen R. Grimm, Professor of Philosophy

Samir Haddad, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Brian Earl Johnson, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Robert Parmach, Instructor of Philosophy and Freshman Dean

Giorgio Pini, Professor of Philosophy

Laura Specker Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Daryl Tress, Associate Professor of Philosophy

John van Buren, Professor of Philosophy, Director of Environmental Studies, and Director of Peace and Justice Studies


Barbara Hilkert Andolsen, James E. Beckman Esq. Chair in Applied Christian Ethics

Charlie Camosy, Associate Professor of Theology

Robert (Bob) Davis, Assistant Professor of Theology

John Denniston, Senior Lecturer of Theology

Benjamin Dunning, Professor of Theology

Sarit Gribetz, Associate Professor of Theology

Jeannine Hill-Fletcher, Professor of Theology

Christine Firer Hinze, Professor of Theology, Department Chair

Bradford Hinze, SJ Professor of Theology 

Karina Morgan Hogan, Associate Professor of Theology, Director of Fordham College Honors Program

J. Patrick Hornbeck II, Professor of Theology, Secretary for Faculty Senate, and Special Faculty Advisor to the Provost for Strategic Planning

Thomas Massaro, Professor of Theology

Bryan Massingale, Professor of Theology, James and Nancy Buckman Chair in Applied Christian Ethics

Brenna Moore, Associate Professor of Theology

Harry P. Nasuti, Professor of Theology

Michael Peppard, Professor of Theology

Josh Schapiro, Senior Lecturer of Theology

Christiana Zenner, Associate Professor of Theology


Salvador Acosta, Assistant Professor of History

William David Myers, Professor of History


Robert Brent, Professor of Economics

Mary Beth Combs, Associate Professor of Economics

Johanna Francis, Associate Professor of Economics, Department Chair, and Associate for Graduate Studies

Darryl McLeod, Associate Professor of Economics

Sophie Mitra, Professor of Economics, Co-director of the Disability Studies Minor, and Founding director of the Research Consortium on Disability

Erick W. Rengifo, Professor of Economics

Henry Schwalbenberg, Associate Professor of Economics

Troy L. Tassier, Associate Professor of Economics

Booi Themeli, Lecturer of Economics


Rachel Annunziato, Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Natasha L. Burke, Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Nancy Busch, Professor of Psychology

John Cecero, Associate Professor of Psychology

Keith Cruise, Professor of Psychology, Director of Clinical Training, and Adjunct Professor of Law

David Marcotte, Associate Professor of Psychology, Associate Director of Clinical Training

Barry D. Rosenfeld, Adjunct Professor of Law, Associate Professor of Psychology

Frederick J. Wertz, Professor Emeritus of Psychology


Orit Avishai, Professor of Sociology

Evelyn Bush, Associate Professor of Sociology

Jeanne Flavin, Professor of Sociology

E. Doyle McCarthy, Professor of Sociology and American Studies

Christopher Rhomberg, Associate Professor of Sociology

Orlando Rodriguez, Professor of Sociology

Matthew N. Weinshenker, Associate Professor of Sociology

Law and Political Sciences

Miguel Alzola, Assistant Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies

Ivelisse Cuevas-Molina, Professor of Political Sciences

Bruce Green, Louis Stein Chair of Law, Director of Stein Center

Melissa Labonte, Associate Professor of Political Science

Nicholas Tampio, Associate Professor of Political Science


Daisy Deomampo, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Willaim Seltzer, Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Sociology and Anthropology

Biological Sciences

J. Alan Clark, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Evon Hekkala, Professor of Biological Sciences

Patricio I. Meneses, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Department Chair

Jason Z. Morris, Professor of Biology

Social Services

Winnie Kung, Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Social Service

Tina Maschi, Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Social Service

Communication and Media Studies

Robin Andersen, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Communication and Media Studies, Director of the Peace and Justice Studies

Paul Levinson, Professor of Communications and Media Studies

Sharon Livesey, Associate Professor of Communication and Media Management

Brandy Monk-Payton, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Elizabeth Yuko, Adjunct Professor of Ethics


Barbara Porco, Clinical Associate Professor, Director for The Center for Professional Accounting Practices, and Director of the M.S. Accounting Program