Barry D. Rosenfeld

Fordham Law Adjunct Professor Barry Rosenfeld

Adjunct Professor of Law, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Rosenfeld is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Fordham University where he teaches in the graduate program in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Rosenfeld received his PhD in clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia and completed an internship at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Following his graduate training, Dr. Rosenfeld spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow in medical ethics and clinical psychology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. His clinical practice has included assessing decision making capacity in mentally ill and mentally retarded individuals, as well as consultation to the criminal courts on a wide range of psycho-legal issues. He has served on the Institutional Review Boards of several institutions and served as a consultant on numerous ethical issues. His research interests encompass a wide array of psychology and public policy issues; he has published dozens of articles in leading psychology and medical journals and has spoken at numerous national and international meetings on a range of psychology and law/policy issues. His published research includes several studies of the decision making capacity of mentally ill and medically ill individuals, factors influencing patient desire for hastened death/interest in assisted suicide, and a number of related topics under the broad umbrella of psychology and criminal law (competence to stand trial, the insanity defense, malingering, risk assessment, etc.) He is currently completing a book on physician-assisted suicide for the American Psychological Association's Social Science and Law series. He is married and has three daughters.

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