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Bar Information

* Due to precautions being taken by the University in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Bar forms will be accepted by the Office of the Registrar in electronic format.  Please scan/email your completed and signed bar form to

State Bar Examination

State Bar Examination: Most states administer the bar examinations the last week of February and the last week of July, with applications due approximately 4 months prior to the exam. Students must be aware of other states submission requirements and deadlines. The National Conference of Bar Examiners ( publishes an annual guide of the Bar Admission Requirements, please check the state in which you plan to practice for its rules and deadlines.  

Amendments to Law School Application


New York Bar Application Filing

Applications for the July bar examination must be filed with the NYS BOLE
( between April 1 to April 30. 
Applications for the February examination must be filed between November 1 and November 30. 
New York will be administering the UNIFORM BAR EXAMINATION. Please visit the UBE from the New York Board of Law Examiners at for more information.

JD New York Bar Examination Application (Certificate of Attendance & Handwriting Specimen)

  1. The Board of Examiners will email each student their “Certificate of Attendance” form. The form will contain the student’s personal Bar Code and BOLE number.
  2. The Board of Examiners will email also email our office a copy of your prepopulated form.  We will complete the form and notify students via email once the process is completed. 

LLM New York Bar Examination Application (Certificate of Attendance & Handwriting Specimen)

  1. Students must download their “Certificate of Attendance” from the Board of Examiners website ( Students must complete sections 1-11 before emailing it to the Registrar's Office (
  2. If students have any questions regarding sections 1-11, please contact the LLM Office. The completed form must be emailed to the Registrar's Office ( on the third Monday in May for the July Bar Exam. The deadline for submissions for the February Bar is February 1st.

New York State 50 Hour Pro Bono

The requirement must be satisfied before filing an application for admission. Some or all of the 50 hours can be earned after graduation (including after taking the bar exam), but before filing for admission.  Please visit for more information.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)

New York requires the MPRE. The exam is administered in November, March, and August of each year. Applicants must take and pass the MPRE within 3 years either before or after passing the New York Bar Examination, measured from the date the applicant sat for each exam. For more information visit

New York Law Course & New York Law Exam 

In conjunction with the adoption of the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) in New York, the State Board of Law Examiners was directed by the Court of Appeals to create an on-line course, known as the New York Law Course (NYLC), and an on-line, open book exam on New York specific law, known as the New York Law Exam (NYLE).

As with the MPRE discussed above, a candidate seeking admission in New York must take and pass the NYLC, the NYLE, and earn a passing score on New York’s UBE, prior to being certified to one of our Appellate Division departments for a character and fitness investigation. The NYLE is offered four times a year. For more information visit:

Application for Admission to Practice as an Attorney and Counselor-at-Law in the State of New York

Once applicants pass the NYS Bar they must complete the Application for Admission to Practice as an Attorney and Counselor-at-Law in the State of NY form and submit to the Registrar's Office.

The Form Law School Certificate must be obtained online from the New York State Bar Examiners website, located at  Applicants must complete the first page, date and sign.  On the second page, indicate the department to which you are applying for admission.

The Registrar's Office will process the Form Law School Certificate and send it directly to the designated department.

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