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Frequently Asked Questions



McKeon Hall 


McKeon Hall room dimensions are as follows:


appox. 210 sq. ft.


approx. 285 sq. ft.



additional 50-60 sq. ft

Each room comes with a twin XL mattress and bedframe, desk, chair, and wardrobe for each occupant



The wardrobe dimensions are h74in x w40in x d20in.  Half of the wardrobe is a closet with an interior rod for hanging and a top shelf.  The closet dimensions are h74in x w20in x d20in. The other half of the wardrobe is a shelving unit with two drawers, each measuring h11in x w20in x d20in.


Mattress and bedframe:

The mattress and bedframe are twin XL.  The clearance height under the bed is approximately 2 ft.  The beds cannot be bunked or lofted and bed risers are prohibited, but there is plenty of room to place plastic storage bins under the bed. 



Each room has aluminum blinds.  Changing the window fixtures and installing curtains is prohibited.  Windows open approximately two inches.


Ceiling height:

The ceiling height is approximately 9 ft.



Double occupancy rooms share a bathroom with another double occupancy room, while triple rooms have a private bathroom.  Each bathroom contains a toilet, towel rods, a sink, vanity mirror with a medicine cabinet, and a shower stall.  The shower stall is equipped with a heavy-duty shower liner.  Residents may provide their own shower liner replacement at their discretion.  The bathroom floors are tiled.  Aside from the bathroom vanity, there are no other mirrors in the room.



All residents are required to bring their own toiletries, including toilet paper.



One aspect of learning how to live independently is cleaning and maintaining your own space.  All McKeon Hall residents are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their room and bathroom.  Residents must bring their own cleaning products and make plans to clean these spaces.  It is highly recommended that residents also bring a toilet plunger and toilet bowl cleaner and learn how to use these items prior to moving in. 

McMahon Hall residents are able to borrow vacuum cleaners from the Office of Residential Life (ORL).  In McKeon, all rooms have linoleum flooring.  The ORL recommends that McKeon Hall residents bring a microfiber dust mop to clean their bedroom floor. 


Cable and Internet

While there is Wi-Fi available throughout the building, rooms have wall outlets for cable and Ethernet.  Outlet locations vary in each room.  Coaxial cables and Ethernet cables are not provided.  Coaxial cable and Ethernet cable lengths would vary based on where you plan to put your TV and laptop within your room.  The ORL recommends that you wait until you have moved in to purchase these items so that you can purchase the appropriate length.  There is a Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond within one block of campus.      


Electrical outlets

Outlet locations in each room vary.  There are 2-3 wall plates in each room with two outlets per plate.  If you bring extension cords, you must bring heavy-duty, grounded, cords. All power strips MUST have surge protectors/suppressors.



There is one overhead light in the room's entryway and one to two wall mounted lights inside each room. You may bring additional lighting (desk lamps, floor lamps, etc.). In the bathroom there is a wall mounted light above the mirror and an overhead light that runs on a motion sensor.


Community Kitchen

There is a full kitchen located on the 22nd floor.  The kitchen includes a stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator.  There are a limited number of basic cooking supplies (pots and pans) available for checkout from the Resident Assistant on Duty office.  Residents are responsible for cleaning and maintaining this communal space.  While residents may utilize the refrigerator and freezer, they do so at their own risk.  The ORL is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the communal kitchen.

*Due to covid-19 protocols, cooking supplies, such as pots and pans, were not provided due to limiting shared items. 


Laundry Room

There is one laundry room located on the 11th floor.  The laundry room includes 10 washers and 12 dryers.  It is your responsibility to purchase your own laundry necessities (detergent, dryer sheets, clothes basket/hamper, etc).  Each washer and dryer is equipped with a timer to ensure residents retrieve their items in a timely fashion and all washers and dryers can be utilized by the community.  Every washer has an auto-lock feature during the full wash cycles.  Do not leave your laundry in the laundry room at risk of being discarded, lost, or stolen.


Cooking/Food Appliances

We have a list of frequently asked questions about appliances that are and are not approved below. This is not a comprehensive list of items. If you have a question about a specific item, please inquire with our office. 


All appliances must be: UL (Underwriters Laboratories) appliances only (hair dryers, coffee makers, popcorn poppers, etc.).  Electric coffee makers are allowed, but they should have an automatic turn-off. The following items are approved in McKeon Hall with the auto shut off feature: 

  • Mini-fridge or MicroFridge  

  • Coffee pot 

  • Iron

  • Radio

  • Stereo

  • TV 

  • Electric razor 

  • Hair Dryer

  • Other electrical appliances that have an auto-off features


The following items are not approved in McKeon Hall:

  • Hot plates

  • Microwaves (Microfridge allowed)

  • Toaster 

  • Halogen lights

  • Space heaters 

  • Other open element electrical items 



You can decorate your room to your liking. However, there are guidelines to follow. 


String lights (electrical or battery-operated) are not permitted in the residence halls. Large tapestries, flags, or any other decoration that covers a large portion of the wall are not permitted in the residence hall. Rugs larger than 3x5” are not permitted as well. 


As for additional pieces, residents are also not permitted to have outside furniture, such as couches, dressers/wardrobes, folding tables, additional desk chair(s), extra mattresses, etc. All rooms are equipped with a wardrobe for storage, and residents are able to use the under the bed storage bins (see specifications above).



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