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2017 Gifts and Benefactors Ram Signpost

2018 Review of Gifts and Benefactors

Dear Members of the Fordham Family,

It is hard to overstate the impact you have had as colleagues in Fordham’s sacred mission. Thanks to you, last year Fordham raised $75.9 million, by far the best fundraising year in the University’s history. I urge you not to think of this in terms of dollars raised, but of lives transformed. Because of you we have been able to offer more deserving students a better education. Because of you, our young alumni will be better prepared to go out into the world and lead with competence, conscience, and compassion.

To say that I am deeply grateful for your generous support does not go far enough. As I have said before, your gifts not only make a material difference in the lives of our students, but make them feel that they are worthy of the care and respect with which we treat them. Your support opens up worlds of possibilities for the University, its students and faculty, and for society at large. You are, all of you, changing a world that sorely needs change.

Of course no one year of fundraising—even a spectacular one—is enough: our mission is such that the finish line will always recede away from us. The world’s needs are great, and we are but a single institution. But if the mission has no end, it brings us great rewards nonetheless: every day brings us stories of our students’ and graduates’ achievements; every day shows us a need met, a hurt repaired; every day we add another stone to the edifice of learning and wisdom. And all of this is made possible by you.

I am moved—humbled—every day by your generosity and commitment to Fordham, and to your younger brothers and sisters in the long maroon line. This Review of Gifts and Benefactors could more properly be called the Fordham Roll of Honor. As always, I am deeply grateful for your gifts and your devotion to Fordham.

You are in my prayers today, and every day.


Joseph M. McShane, S.J.