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Founder's Scholars

The Fordham Founder’s Undergraduate Scholarship Fund helps Fordham advance its goals and mission of recruiting more underrepresented students of all backgrounds to the University. The Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate men and women whose curiosity of mind and strength of spirit have enabled them to go beyond the boundaries of expectation.

Scholarship recipients must demonstrate a desire for excellence in all aspects of life through coursework, extracurricular activities, and personal experiences. Their characteristics reflect the qualities shared by Fordham's founding members and are mandates for the development of an ethical society.

2021 Founder's Scholar

Saad Ali, FCRH ’24

Majors: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

“I am immensely grateful for the Founder’s Scholarship. It gives me new confidence and motivation, and makes me want to support future Fordham students. I want to practice the values taught at Fordham by finding the best version of myself and helping others find their best version as well.”

Founder's scholar Ryan Boloix

Ryan Boloix, FCLC ’22

Major: Theatre—Performance Track
Hometown: Rockingham, VA

“Fordham is nourishing me so I may have a fulfilling life and career. I want all Fordham students to experience the freedom that scholarships provide. Thank you all for your generosity. The Founder’s Scholarship donors inspire me to live boldly, humbly, and graciously—right now.”

Jacob Brozon

Jacob Brozon, GABELLI ’23

Major: Finance
Minor: Business Law and Ethics, Psychology
Hometown: Caldwell, NJ

“Through Fordham’s Jesuit education, I’ve been able to understand how I can make a societal impact through ethical business practices. My classes, whether in liberal arts or business, have taught me to reflect on how I can effect change for the betterment of others.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Katelyn Castillo, FCRH ’24

Major: Economics
Hometown: Bronx, NY

“I was excited to join the Fordham community, and in class I have felt respected and challenged to apply my own reflections to my studies. I hope to contribute to help other students receive a Fordham education one day. I want to help others in as many ways as I can.”

Conner Chang, Fordham Founder's Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.

Conner Chang, GABELLI ’22

Major: Business Administration
Minor: Marketing
Hometown: Bethesda, MD

“Your acts of kindness have changed the lives of dozens of my peers. I would not be where I am today without your generosity. The Founder’s Scholarship has inspired me to one day give back to ensure future Fordham students have the same opportunities you gave to me.”

Benjamin Coco

Benjamin Coco, FCRH ’23

Majors: English and Physics
Minor: Creative Writing, Mathematics, and Philosophy
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

“The Founder’s Scholarship gave me five years at Fordham to pursue my passions for physics and writing. I want to express the most gratitude that I possibly can to the Founder's Scholarship donors for allowing me the opportunity to thrive in all my endeavors.”

Jonathan Cruz

Jonathan Cruz, FCLC ’23

Major: Natural Science
Hometown: Highland Falls, NY

“Being a Founder’s Scholar inspires me and lets me know that my efforts are strongly valued. I am certain that an improved student living experience will translate into major academic growth. With an encouraging, inspiring environment comes greater and more inspired academic work!”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Gabrielle da Rocha-Afodu, GABELLI ’24

Major: Global Business with a Concentration in Global Finance and Business Economics
Hometown: London, United Kingdom

“The Founder’s Scholarship makes me feel proud and worthy to be part of the Fordham community. Your generosity motivates and encourages me every day, especially in the face of challenges, because I know that you believe in me and want me to succeed.”

Uziel Dominguez Carrera

Uziel Dominguez Carrera, FCRH ’22

Major: Engineering Physics
Hometown: New York, NY

“Reflection is the cornerstone of self-improvement, and without Fordham’s community of people who continually want to improve themselves, my journey would have been delayed. You have allowed me to put my best foot forward and to strive toward a promising career.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Dramane Doumbia Jr., GABELLI ’24

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: New York, NY

“Fordham students are called to be people for others, and in this regard, how we take care of ourselves is important. Fordham’s many resources and opportunities help us do this, and I am consistently inspired by how much Fordham cares about its students and their growth and development.”

Jenna Dyer

Jenna Dyer, FCLC ’23

Major: Anthropology
Minor: Arabic
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

“It was a dream of mine to enroll at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus, right in the middle of Manhattan, but this was unattainable before the Founder’s Scholarship. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities offered to me as a result and hope to make you all proud!”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Lesley East, FCRH ’24

Major: International Studies
Minor: Peace and Justice Studies
Hometown: Palm Beach, FL

“The multitude of extracurricular opportunities, clubs, and organizations is another example of Fordham’s commitment to the betterment of its students. I am forever grateful to be part of the Fordham community, and it is my dream to one day give back to others much in the same way that you are giving to me.”

Sharissa Fernandes

Sharissa Fernandes, GABELLI ’23

Major: Global Business
Minors: Computer Science
Hometown: Leonia, NJ

“My student experience has demonstrated to me that Fordham is committed to developing students who are academically successful, honest, and driven. Fordham has changed my life significantly, an experience that is largely attributable to the generosity of donors.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Ronan Fitzgerald, GABELLI ’24

Major: Public Accounting
Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY

“The Founder’s Scholarship exemplifies what Fordham is all about: helping students fulfill their potential, while also making the student a responsible force for good. I am confident that this scholarship will allow me to be successful and pay this generosity forward onto others.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Sydney Guine, FCLC ’24

Major: Dance
Hometown: Granada Hills, CA

“It is my dream to be a professional dancer and perform worldwide. After graduation, I hope I can give back to the world through my art and help ensure that others can have experiences like I did at Fordham, thanks to the Founder’s Scholarship.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Coralie Jean-Francois, FCRH ’22

Major: French Studies and International Political Economy
Hometown: Carteret, NJ

“As my parents say, ‘The more you receive, the more you must give back.’ The Founder’s Scholarship has reinforced my belief that I owe much of myself to my community. It will continue to make a difference in my life and in the lives of others whom I assist.”

Hugo Keith, Fordham Founder's Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.

Hugo Keith, FCRH ’22

Major: Comparative Literature
Minor: Spanish Language and Literature
Hometown: Fairport, NY

“Thank you all so much for the gift of education. Your support has reminded me that at the core of our journey to educate ourselves is the imperative to give back, to use this education to be people for others. I hope to implant in others the same insatiable curiosity that Fordham unlocked within me.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Maurice King, FCLC ’23

Major: International Political Economy
Minor: Fashion Studies
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

“When I first found out I had received the Founder’s Scholarship, I was ecstatic and grateful. This scholarship and your generosity have allowed me to stay at Fordham to continue my educational career and pursue my New York dreams. Thank you.”


Isabella Koenig, GABELLI ’22

Major: Global Business
Minor: Marketing
Hometown: Grayson, GA

“My classes encourage me to think critically about myself and the world I live in. I want to thank the Founder’s Scholarship donors for providing the support I need to get an education that will enable me to pursue my passions and succeed in life.”

Matthias Lee Poy Paxman

Matthias Lee Poy-Paxman, GABELLI ’23

Major: Global Business
Minor: Computer Science
Hometown: Montreal, Canada

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the Founder’s Scholarship. You have allowed me to be curious in ways I never thought possible in a university setting. You have enabled me to deepen my understanding of myself as well as how I can best help the world.”

Abigail Lo

Abigail Lo, FCLC ’23

Majors: Humanitarian Studies and Theatre—Performance Track
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

“I chose Fordham because I believe that caring for my whole self is essential to anything I do. I couldn’t study here without the Founder’s Scholarship, so I am eternally grateful. Fordham is teaching me how to be a better advocate, a better collaborator, and just a better person.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Grace Maietta, GABELLI ’24

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Elmhurst, IL

“The Founder’s Scholarship has given me the opportunity to pursue a global business education, live in a community with amazing people, and explore one of my favorite cities. Thank you for giving this Ram the ability to go forth and set the world on fire.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Wes Manginsay, GABELLI ’24

Major: Business Administration and Economics
Hometown: Pasadena, CA

“The Founder’s donors have made attending this university much more of a possibility for people like me, and in return, we hope to make great use of the opportunity. The world needs more of that kind of generosity that the donors have given to Fordham students.”

Brendan McErlaine, Fordham Founder's Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.

Brendan McErlaine, FCLC ’22

Major: Interdisciplinary Math and Economics
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

“It is difficult for me to convey the profound effect the Founder’s Scholarship has had on my life. Simply put, your support has afforded me the opportunity to attend Fordham University, which has given me a great chance to achieve something amazing in the future.”

Nicholas Ng, Fordham Founder's Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.

Nicholas Ng, GABELLI ’22

Major: Finance
Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: Jericho, NY

“Fordham is the exact place that I need to be. The campus environment, location, friendliness, and support of the Fordham community are the reasons I feel at home. I’m grateful for your support of the Founder’s Scholarship, which inspires me to pay it forward in the future.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Abigail Joy Nguyen, FCLC ’24

Major: Dance
Hometown: Oakland, CA

“I hope to give back the opportunities I have received at Fordham as a Founder’s Scholar: the opportunity for a well-rounded education, respect as a person, support in my career choice, a motivating community, and a chance to fully discover my capabilities.”

Stephanie Polakowski

Stephanie Polakowski, GABELLI ’22

Major: Global Business
Minor: Marketing
Hometown: Dearborn, MI

“Fordham’s unique student experience inspires me to keep striving for academic success and make the most of my time here. Fordham fosters a culture of respect, responsibility, and reflection, and I hope to pay forward the kindness I have been shown.”

Olivia Raymundo

Olivia Raymundo, GABELLI ’23

Major: Global Business
Minor: Marketing
Hometown: Astoria, NY

“I am extremely proud to attend Fordham and to be a Founder’s Scholarship recipient, especially as a first-generation college student in America. This scholarship shows me I am capable of overcoming even my biggest challenges. There are truly no words to describe how grateful I am.”

Jesira Rodriguez, Fordham Founder's Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.

Jesira Rodriguez, FCLC ’22

Major: Psychology with a Pre-Health Track
Hometown: Tamarac, FL

“The Fordham experience allows for some of the greatest moments of a student’s life. I have grown morally but also in my personal character. I thank Fordham so much for the people that I have met and experiences I have had.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Joshua Screen, FCLC ’24

Major: Theatre—Performance Track
Hometown: New York, NY

“I am extremely fortunate to have received the Founder’s Scholarship and to be part of the Fordham community. Because of your giving, I can call Fordham home for the next four years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will work hard and make you proud!”

Rosie Sweeney

Rosie Sweeney, FCRH ’23

Major: Journalism with a Pre-Law Track
Hometown: Garden City, NY

“The Founder’s Scholarship donors have given me the opportunity to study at an incredible institution in an even more incredible city. I have a profound sense of gratitude for the Founder’s donors, and my experience at Fordham would not be the same without their generosity.”

Kayla Thomas, Fordham Founder's Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.

Kayla Thomas, FCLC ’22

Major: Dance, Digital Technologies and Emerging Media
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

“The Founder’s Scholarship has strengthened my belief in myself and my success, and I hope to do the same for others. Your generosity has empowered me, as I know you have so much faith in my success at Fordham and beyond.”

2021 Founder's Scholar

Joshua Valdez, FCRH ’24

Major: Undecided
Hometown: Bronx, NY

“The Founder’s Scholarship shows Fordham is committed to its students. Thank you to the Founder’s donors for reassuring me and my family that choosing Fordham was the right decision. Because of you, I can truly focus on becoming the best version of myself during my time here.”

Sydney Veazie

Sydney Veazie, FCRH ’22

Majors: Classical Civilization and International Political Economy
Minor: Bioethics, History, Medieval Studies, and Theology Religious Studies
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

“The Founder’s Scholarship has given me the freedom to apply for outside programs like unpaid internships, study abroad opportunities, and Global Outreach projects. I would like to thank you for your generosity and encourage you to continue to support members of the Fordham community.”

Samantha Wong

Samantha Wong, FCRH ’23

Major: Economics with a Pre-Law Track
Minor: Marketing and Political Science
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ

“As a first-generation college student, I am keenly aware of how much my parents sacrificed to get me to this point. The Founder’s Scholarship shows their sacrifice was worth it. It is amazing to know that others believe in my potential and are so generous. It makes me so grateful.”