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Residency and Time for Completion

Doctoral degree candidates are required to be in residence for the first year of the SJD program. It is recommended but not required that such candidates remain in residence during the second and third years of the program. The precise period of residency beyond the first year should be determined by the candidate in consultation with his or her Dissertation Advisor.

Candidates are generally expected to spend a minimum of one month in residence during each year in which he or she is not in residence. Candidates are expected to remain in regular contact with their Dissertation Advisers throughout the duration of the program.

Candidates are expected to complete their dissertation within three years. Students who need additional time to compete their work must make a written request seeking an extension of time and explaining why the extension is justified. Normally, no extensions beyond the fourth year will be approved.

A leave of absence from the SJD studies may be requested from the Assistant Dean for International and Non-JD Programs, accompanied by an email of support from the candidate's supervisor. Candidates may not take more than two years' leave of absence cumulatively.

For a detailed timeline and links to applicable forms for current students, please see the following page: