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Opportunities and Employment

Opportunities and Careers

Majoring in History will help you develop valuable skills valuable skills transferable beyond the classroom: critical thinking and interpretation, persuasive writing, as well as analytical and research skills for tackling complex questions. History is inherently complex and requires the ability to generate knowledge from large amounts of information and assess evidence and conflicting interpretations of the past. As a history major you will learn to make sense of complexity and tell a good story.

Experts agree that a solid foundation in the basic skills acquired in a humanities major gives individuals the flexibility to adapt to new jobs and responsibilities. Large corporations are looking for individuals who are both creative and analytical for their management programs. A spokesperson for BellSystems maintains that "employees with liberal arts majors have shown stronger management skills and have advanced further than those with other college majors."

According to a survey published by the University of New Hampshire, corporations are employing 23% of the University’s history graduates. Moreover, the traditional markets for history majors should not be overlooked; new teaching jobs open up every year, as well as positions in publishing, archives, and museums.

History is a natural major for anyone interested in the legal profession. To use the law intelligently and creatively, a good lawyer must know not only what the law is, but where it came from and why it exists. History also provides first-rate training for a career in law because it prepares individuals to be effective advocates by developing the research and communication skills fundamental to the current adversarial system of law practiced in the United States.

By studying history, students gain experience in logical argumentation, in conducting research, in writing, and in analyzing large and diverse bodies of information. These skills are essential prerequisites for success in law school and the practice of law.

Opportunities and Employment
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