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O'Connell Initiative

O’Connell Initiative on the Global History of Capitalism

The O’Connell Initiative for the Global History of Capitalism is a forum for intellectual exploration. It brings together scholars of every aspect of capitalism, from its earliest medieval manifestations to its twenty-first-century consequences across the globe. It supports groundbreaking research and teaching on global capitalism and engages with the public through lectures, debates, and workshops.

The O’Connell Initiative in the Global History of Capitalism is supported by generous gifts from Fordham alumnus Robert J. O’Connell, FCRH '65.


Workshop on Pop Music, Capitalism and the Art of the Song
June 6th, 2019

This workshop brings together scholars, writers, and music critics to discuss the history of individual songs in the history of modern pop music. Our goal is to foster new scholarship on the meaning and importance of the single song and its role in the global pop industry. In writing biographies of individual songs, our hope is to integrate new disciplinary approaches into the history of popular music in the age of global capitalism.

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