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Tyesha Maddox

Tyesha Maddox
Assistant Professor 
Office: Dealy Hall 638
Phone: 718-817-0594


Tyesha Maddox received her PhD in History from New York University in 2016. Her dissertation examined the significance of mutual aid societies and benevolent associations formed by Anglophone Caribbean immigrants to New York between 1890 and 1940. It explored how immigrant social organizations played a vital role in the formation of transnational identities and facilitated in community building, arguing that participation in these organizations created kinship networks that both empowered immigrants to form a collective “Caribbean” identity and unleashed a political activism among immigrants fighting alongside African Americans to insure their equality in the tumultuous era of American Jim Crow.

She received a BA in History and Africana Studies and a MPS in Africana Studies both from Cornell University. Her Master’s thesis comparatively examined Caribbean American and African American social, cultural, and political interactions pre and post-World War II. Her research and teaching interests include the African Diaspora, Caribbean, Black Atlantic, Women and Gender, African American History, Race, Transnational Communities, Migrational Movements, Immigration, Black Identity Formation, Social and Cultural History. Currently, she is working on a book manuscript that explores Caribbean immigration and women’s roles in transnational identity formation and twentieth century political activism.

Before joining the faculty at Fordham University, she was the 2015-2016 African and African Diaspora Studies Dissertation Fellow at Boston College and the 2015-2016 Kate B. & Hall J. Peterson Fellow at the American Antiquarian Society.