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Anastasi Lecture Series

2022 Anastasi Lecture

When: Tuesday October 25, 2022 at 5:30 pm (Eastern Time)
Where: Lincoln Center Campus (Lowenstein Center (113 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023, 12th floor) + Online 
Speaker: Matthias von Davier, Ph.D. (Monan Professor in Education, Boston College)

Title: TIMSS, PIRLS, and friends: driving innovation in international educational assessments

International Large Scale Assessments (ILSAs) have been conducted since TIMSS 1995 started reporting trends in mathematics and science achievement of students around the world. PISA and other, regional assessments such as PASEC, ERCE, and SACMEQ followed. This presentation describes current activities around TIMSS 2023, and preparations for PIRLS 2026, both setting the standard for fully digital assessments of student achievement with a focus on education, not economics. The talk will introduce the assessments, and discuss how TIMSS and PIRLS benefitted from a careful transition to computer-based assessment, by implementation of innovations that serve the needs of countries, while reducing the burden of participation. The talk closes with notes on how adopting modern assessment technologies will help to further improve international comparisons of student achievement.

Dr. Matthias von Davier

Dr. Matthias von Davier is the Executive Director at TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center and Monan Professor in Education at Boston College. His research focuses on developing psychometric models for analyzing data from complex item and respondent samples and on integrating diagnostic procedures into these methods. His areas of expertise include topics such as item response theory, latent class analysis, classification and mixture distribution models, diagnostic models, computational statistics, person-fit, item-fit, and model checking, as well as hierarchical extension of models for categorical data analysis, and the analytical methodologies used in large scale educational surveys.

Dr. von Davier’s applied research uses these methodologies to analyze data from educational testing, large-scale survey assessments of student skills and adult literacy, to computer-based assessment of skills, and to the analysis of questionnaire data.


Anne Anastasi

Established in 2008 as part of the activities of the Anastasi Professor for Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology, the Anastasi Lectures are delivered by leading experts in psychology, educational measurement, industrial and organizational psychology, and quantitative methods.

The Lectures honor Dr. Anastasi’s distinguished career. They showcase recent developments in the areas of measurement, assessment, testing, and quantitative psychology, and highlight their translation into policy and practice. The Lectures provide a unique opportunity to share with the public emerging research directions in psychometrics and measurement, and the critical implications of these developments to various testing (K-12 testing, college, and graduate admissions, personnel and employment) applications and other key policy arenas.

The Lectures take place in the Fall semester on the Lincoln Center Campus of Fordham University, and are open to faculty, students, and the general public.