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Anastasi Lecture Series

2019 Anastasi Lecture

Tuesday, October 29, 2019, at 5:30 p.m.
Lincoln Center 12th Floor Lounge, 113 W. 60th St., New York

David Kaplan, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI

Title: The Bayesian Revolution, And Why You Should Care


Bayesian statistics has long been overlooked in the training of social and behavioral scientists. Bayesian statistics were considered controversial and, until recently, it was not feasible to conduct Bayesian statistical modeling because of its complexity and lack of software. Recently, there has been great interest in the application of Bayesian methods, due to the availability of powerful (and free) statistical software tools that now make it possible to estimate simple or complex models. This talk provides a conceptual introduction to Bayesian statistics with a focus on its advantages over conventional statistics, particularly with respect to characterizing uncertainty and addressing the so-called “p-value problem”.

Dr. David Kaplan is the Patricia Busk Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Dr. Kaplan holds affiliate appointments in the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Population Health Sciences and the Center for Demography and Ecology. Dr. Kaplan is a Research Fellow of the German Institute for International Educational Research and is also an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Education, a recipient of the Samuel J. Messick Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award from Division 5 of the American Psychological Association, Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Division 5), a recipient of the Humboldt Research Award, and was a Jeanne Griffith Fellow at the National Center for Education Statistics. Dr. Kaplan received his Ph.D. in education from UCLA in 1987.

Dr. David Budescu and Dr. David Kaplan at the Anastasi Lecture 2019

Drs. David Budescu and David Kaplan at the Anastasi Lecture 2019

Dr. David Kaplan presents his talk during the Anastasi Lecture 2019

Dr. David Kaplan's talk at the Anastasi Lecture 2019

Anne Anastasi

Established in 2008 as part of the activities of the Anastasi Professor for Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology, the Anastasi Lectures are delivered by leading experts in psychology, educational measurement, industrial and organizational psychology, and quantitative methods.

The Lectures honor Dr. Anastasi’s distinguished career. They showcase recent developments in the areas of measurement, assessment, testing, and quantitative psychology, and highlight their translation into policy and practice. The Lectures provide a unique opportunity to share with the public emerging research directions in psychometrics and measurement, and the critical implications of these developments to various testing (K-12 testing, college, and graduate admissions, personnel and employment) applications and other key policy arenas.

The Lectures take place in the Fall semester on the Lincoln Center Campus of Fordham University, and are open to faculty, students, and the general public.