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Neuroscience and Law Center

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Advances in neuroscience have prompted the legal profession to question long-held notions about criminal culpability, free will, thought, behavior, and pain.

Fordham’s Neuroscience and Law Center explores how these advances affect the legal system.

The Neuroscience and Law Center is dedicated to:

  • using a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to examine the current and potential uses of neuroscience evidence
  • advancing legal scholarship and the use of neuroscience in legal circles
  • providing information to academics, lawyers, and the public about legally relevant advances in neuroscience

Through innovative programs and in collaboration with academic partners, the Neuroscience and Law Center is a premier resource of evidence-based information about the increasing prevalence of neuroscience in 21st-century courtrooms.

Focus Areas

  • Criminal Law and the Standards of Criminal Responsibility and Culpability
  • Guilty Mental States
  • Behavioral Neuroscience and Insanity
  • Death Penalty
  • Evidence
  • Neuroscience and Psychosocial Evidence
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Brain Imaging
  • Intelligence

Priority Activities

  • Scholarly and practice-oriented conferences
  • Lecture series and guest speakers
  • Statistical and legal research
  • Enhanced curricular offerings
  • Clinics and service learning
  • Externships and supervised research
  • Alumni mentorship


The Neuroscience and Law Center, in partnership with academic institutions and the courts, will build on existing innovative events for neuroscience and law scholarship:

  • Annual Neuroscience and Law Speakers Series
  • Annual Advanced Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Speakers Series, featuring presentations on neuroscience
  • Neuroscience in the Courtroom CLE


Fordham Law already offers a range of interdisciplinary courses examining the intersection of science, neuroscience, and law:

  • Psychology & Juvenile Justice Law
  • Law & Neuroscience
  • Psychology & Criminal Law
  • Psychology & Civil Law
  • Law & Biomedical Ethics
  • Domestic Violence: Law and Social Work
  • Sentencing Law & Policy
  • The Science of Implicit Bias and the Law:New Pathways to Social Justice, Law & Medicine


The Neuroscience and Law Center builds on the strong foundation of Fordham Law and the larger University community.


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