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International Refugee Assistance Project

International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) is a non-profit organization set up in 2008 at Yale Law School to assist Iraqi refugees (who had fled Iraq post-war to such nations as Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) in applying for resettlement in the United States. Some of these refugees fled Iraq because of religious persecution or because they had assisted the U.S. military in Iraq and were now targets themselves. Often, in the nations that these refugees have fled to such as Lebanon and Jordan, they have little to no rights and cannot legally work; they are thus seeking a better life in the United States. Though the US government established the resettlement process to help Iraqi refugees resettle in the US, it is quite complicated and near-impossible for the refugees to navigate on their own.

Since its creation, IRAP has expanded to help refugees from countries all over the Middle East resettle in the U.S. and abroad. Fordham is one of 26 schools with IRAP chapters that pair students with practicing pro bono attorneys in order to help refugee clients with the legal steps of the resettlement process.

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2019-2020 Board Members

Abigail Krusemark '21 Chapter Director

Giulia La Scala '21 Treasurer

Avi Rothfield '21 Case Manager

Kelly Lai '21 Case Manager

Ben Kremnitzer '21 Policy and Outreach Coordinator

Sophia Porotsky '21 Policy Director


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