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Department of History Graduate Handbook

Click here to download the text of the Student Handbook.  

Table of Content
Departmental Contact Information page 3
Graduate Committee page 5
The Fordham History Society page 5
Advisement and Registration page 5

Courses page 6
Courses Taken Outside the Department page 6
Tutorials page 6
Proseminar/Seminar and Research Papers page 7

Full-Time Status page 7
Language Exams page 7
Registering for Graduation page 7
Applying to the PhD Program From the M.A Program page 7

Comprehensive Examinations page 8
M.A Exams page 8
PhD Exams page 8

Dissertation page 8
Proposal page 8
Committee page 9
Defense page 9
Registration page 9

Financial Aid page 9
Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Fellowships page 9
Applying for Aid as a Continuing Student page 10
Distinguished Fellowships page 10
Teaching Associateships page 11
Tuition Aid for High School Teachers page 11
Research Support page 11
Graduate Student Association Research Assistance page 11

Appendix A: MA Requirements page 13
Appendix B: PhD Requirements page 16