CLE Course Materials

July 17

Access to Justice Initiative
Enabling Domestic ViolenceSurvivors to Protect Themselves

Course Materials

Past Programs

July 12

Fordham/Accenture Compliance Series
Future of Regulation

Course Materials

March 6

Neuroscience and Law Center
Reconstructing Criminal Justice - Brain Dysfunction and The Courtroom

Course Materials
Conference Program

March 8

Comparative Corporate Governance Distinguished Lecture Series
The Case for Private Administration of Deposit Guarantee Schemes

Course Materials
Lecture Program

March 21

Unifying Global and U.S. Access to Justice Movements
The Judicial Perspective

Course Materials
Event Program

March 22

Compliance Talks
Behind the Crime: When Good People Do Wrong

Course Materials
Event Program

March 24

Fordham Sports Law Forum
21st Annual Symposium

Course Materials
Symposium Program

March 29

Fordham/Accenture Compliance Series
Data and Analytics Driven Compliance

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March 30

The Stein Center for Law and Ethics
Working Ethically with Non-Lawyer Professionals in Public Interest Settings

NYC Bar Association Committee on Professional and Judicial Ethics

April 6

Competition Law and Patents in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Course Materials

April 7

Fordham Urban Law Journal Symposium
How the Poor Still Pay Moore: A Reexamination of Urban Poverty in the Twenty-First Century

Course Materials

April 7

Fordham Law Review Symposium
Terrorist Incitement on the Internet

Course Materials

April 20

FLAA Learn and Lead CLE Series
Patent Trolling and Copyright Mass Claim Filings

Course Materials

May 4–5

CSR Leadership Course

Course Materials and Supplementary Readings

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