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State Record Keeping

NY State Record Keeping
New York State Department of Social Services
Division of Management Support and Quality Improvement
Office of Human Resources Development
Training and Administrative Activities
Contract Operations Manual
Contract Implementation

  1. Record Keeping
    Contractors are required to maintain current and accurate records of project activities. This includes time records for project employees as well as other fiscal and accounting records in order to show the statue of costs incurred.
    Records must adequately identify the use of funds for contract activities. Accounting records and other fiscal records must be supported by documentation including, but NOT limited to, purchase and travel receipts, and show a clear "audit trail" for all funds received and disbursed. These records, although NOT required with the submission of vouchers, must be retained for a fixed period of time as required by each contract, usually six years. If the contract includes both training and administrative activities, expenditure records must be segregated by training and administrative activities according to Department guidelines.

  2. Organizational Changes/Actions
    Contractors must notify the Department in writing of any significant organizational changes, especially any that might affect their provision of contract deliverables. Such changes include, but are not limited to: mergers, acquisitions, legal actions and bankruptcies. Additionally, in accordance with Section 138 of the State Finance law, and our contract language, contractors may NOT assign their contracts without the Department's prior written consent. Written requests for such organizational changes/actions in the contract should be directed to:

    Assistant Director for Human Resource Development
    NYS Department of Social Services
    40 North Pearl Street
    Albany, New York 12243