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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

Middle East Studies Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Allan Gilbert, Anthropology

Amir Idris, African & African-American

Anne Hoffman, English

Aseel Sawalha, Anthropology

Brendan Cahill, Humanitarian Affairs

Doron Ben-Atar, History

Ebru Turan, History

Emanuel Fiano, Theology

Harry Nasuti, Theology

John Entelis, Political Science

Kathy Kueny, Theology

Lise Schreier, Modern Languages

Mohamed Alsiadi, Arabic

Magdelena Teter, History

Mary Callaway, Theology

Orit Avishai-Bentovim, Sociology

Patrick Ryan, Political Science

Samantha Iyer, History

Sarit Kattan, Theology

Sevin Yaraman, Music

Adjunct Faculty

Allan Georgia, Theology

Barat Ellman, Theology

Hussein Rashid, Theology

Jean-Marc Oppenheim, History

Jeremy Randall, Political Science

Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Arabic

Mohamed Moulayes, Arabic

Mohammed Tkachmita, Arabic