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Become a Moore

Intra Finalists and Editors 2021

Students are selected to join the Moores through two competitions: the Summer Competition and the Fall Intraschool Competition. The Summer Competition is open only to rising second year day and evening students and third year evening students (2LD, 2LE, 3LE). The Fall Competition is open to all students who have completed at least one year of law school.

Students may earn a spot on the Moores through either the Summer or Fall Competition. However, students who compete in the Summer Competition are required to complete the Fall Competition to keep their spot on the team and to be eligible to compete against other schools.

Competitors are judged based on presence and composure in the courtroom. Additional selection criteria include the student’s ability to argue factual inferences, apply facts to legal problems, advocate persuasively, and understand and apply the rules of evidence based on a preliminary reading. Summer and Fall competitors are not expected to have a substantive understanding of evidence rules, nor are they expected to understand the nuances of trial advocacy.

If you have any questions regarding either the Summer or Fall Competition, please contact Intraschool Editors at [email protected].