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Fashion Studies

Woman standing in front of a window smiling with a black fashionable dress.

Fashion is much more than the style trends of the day. The fashion industry is an economic, political, sociological, historical, and artistic force felt worldwide. Nowhere is this more apparent than in New York City, the reigning fashion capital of the world. Like so many other fields, the fashion industry is in a time of transformation. Growth in emerging markets, the rise of new media and social networks, and increasing pressure to develop merchandise that is produced and marketed sustainably are among the various new challenges impacting the world of fashion.

Fordham has already distinguished itself in the industry by housing the Fashion Law Institute in Fordham Law School and is now likewise distinguishing itself on an undergraduate level with the Fashion Studies Minor. New York City is home to a variety of schools and programs offering studies in fashion, but none are situated within a four-year, traditional liberal arts undergraduate college. Placing a program of fashion studies within a liberal arts institution provides the perfect context in which to prepare young people to enter the industry with a broad understanding of the many ways in which fashion functions in the world today: psychologically, sociologically, historically, politically, artistically, and economically, thus empowering them to help bring about changes in the industry itself.

This interdisciplinary minor weaves together business, creativity, and social theory to give students a broad understanding the fashion industry.