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New Vendors

When processing a new vendor into the Banner system, either by purchase requisition or by Check Request, new vendors need specific information to be entered. We now need to obtain a W-9 to verify all information. Please ask for this if this is the first time you are doing business with a vendor. This form will help us process the vendor and enter them into our Banner vendor database.

System Award Management

All new vendors will be checked on the U.S Vendor Database – the System Award Management (SAM) system. All vendors must be verified before doing business with Fordham University.

Vendor Background Checks/D&B Reports

When using a new vendor, especially on large scale or large dollar volume purchases, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Reports are available. Please contact the Purchasing Department for further information.

Vendor Credit Applications

Many vendors wish to have financial or business information on file when doing business with a company. They will send credit forms for companies to fill out. Please note that departments are not to fill out these forms as there may be some conflicting terms or guarantees that Fordham University will not adhere to as part of our policies. Please send these forms to the Purchasing Department for us to review and process. Also note, there may be some vendor terms that even the Purchasing Department will not sign or agree to. The Purchasing Department reserves the right to not do business with vendors that will not work within the University’s guidelines, and the requesting Department may need to find an alternate – if necessary. Please do not sign a personal guarantee, as personal guarantees are prohibited.

Fordham will not be held responsible for any “personal guarantee.”

Insurance Requirements

The University requires comprehensive general liability and contractual liability insurance. These requirements must be included whenever the vendor will be coming onto the University’s premises. In some cases, professional liability or other insurance may also be required. It is recommended that the user discuss insurance requirements with the Purchasing Department very early in the acquisition process.

Hold Harmless Requirements

The University requires each vendor to defend and indemnify the University against any claims arising from any work or training provided by the vendor on the University’s premises. A current Certificate of Insurance should be provided by the vendor.

Limitation of Vendor’s Liability

In some cases, a vendor may seek to limit its liability to the University for failure in the performance of their product or service. Very often, the vendor’s liability for such failure is limited. Any limitation on a vendor’s liability must be reviewed since University policy precludes such limitations. University policy prohibits any contractual provision which would require the University to indemnify a vendor.

Note: Vendors doing business with the University must be insured and must provide the University with a current certificate from their respective carrier. For capital projects, it is the responsibility of the department in charge of the project, to ensure the selected vendor carries sufficient insurance for a particular project.

Independent Contractors

Any person or vendor who uses their Social Security Number (SSN#) as opposed to an EIN or Federal Tax Number is considered an “Independent Contractor.” These special vendors must fill out a Request for Contracted Services Form and an Independent Contractor Checklist. Send these forms attached to the Check Request and supporting documentation to the Accounts Payable Department for their review and approval by Human Resources. Contact the Accounts Payable Department for further information on Independent Contractors.

Independent Contractors need to be paid on Check Requests only.