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Types of Purchase Orders

In addition to a regular PO, there are two other types of Purchase Orders that can be used:

  • Blanket Orders: an open agreement for routine items with beginning and end dates which may or may not include quantities of specific items or a specific group of items.
  • Service or Maintenance Contracts: a service purchased for a time period (e.g.., yearly, quarterly, monthly, etc.) with specific information on the service.

Blanket Purchase Order

Blanket Purchase Orders are a simplified method for ordering reoccurring high volume items from a single vendor.

Once a Blanket Purchase Order and Purchase Order have been executed, the items are ordered from the vendor through a blanket order release or telephone/fax/e-mail release from the ordering department.

The procedures for preparing a Blanket Purchase Order are listed below:

  1. Blanket Purchase Order Requisitions are prepared using a Requisition (Form FRPF).
    Follow the same procedures as a regular Requisition, except that the number of units is not listed in the description. Instead, it will state that the Requisition is a Blanket Purchase Order.
  2. The Requisition should specify:
    • The beginning effective date
    • The ending effective date
    • The person(s) authorized to place orders
    • The maximum dollar amount to be obligated under the order

**Make sure the Blanket Purchase Order number is written on the Invoice.

For Blanket Orders

  • Mark all invoices “Partial” until the order is complete.
  • Mark last bill, “Final” to close out Blanket Purchase Order!

Service/Maintenance Contract Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order is issued for service contracts for equipment requiring regularly scheduled and emergency service. Service (and sometimes payment) is normally on a periodic (annual, quarterly, monthly) basis in accordance with the contract. This period should coincide with Fordham’s fiscal year.

Payment will only be made when the invoice is received unless the department manager has advised the Accounts Payable Department not to make payment. The Accounts Payable Department does not pay on quotes, statements and/or proposals.

The procedures for preparing a Service/Maintenance Purchase Order are listed below:

  1. Service/Maintenance Orders are prepared using a Requisition (Form FRPF).
  2. The Requisition should state “Service or Maintenance Order” and specify:
    • The beginning effective date
    • The ending effective date
    • What is being covered by the contract – with serial numbers, if needed
    • The frequency of the contract (weekly, monthly, etc.)
    • A copy of the contract

** Note: When renewing Service or Blanket Purchase Orders, please provide last years’ Purchase Order Number on the Requisition for proper processing of the renewal order.