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Petty Cash and Limited Purchase Orders

Petty Cash

Petty Cash transactions are intended to reimburse individuals for very small expenditures.

There is a $60 limit on Petty Cash reimbursements.

All requests for reimbursement from Petty Cash must include the proper backup documentation (receipts, etc.).

Note: Petty Cash reimbursements are to be used only in extremely limited situations. Contact the Controller’s Office (x4950) for further information on Petty Cash procedures.

Limited Purchase Orders

The limited purchase order is a single process of ordering goods and services when the vendor wants a Purchase Order and the dollar amount is under $5000. The department is responsible for ordering and faxing/mailing the LPO. The invoice once received, is attached to the LPO which then mirrors a check request and is sent to Accounts Payable for payment.

Departments may still choose to submit a Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Department, instead of using the LPO process. You may want Purchasing to handle the transaction to determine the source of supply or pricing.

The Purchasing Department is delegating to those persons with responsibility for expenditure authority, signature authorization for ordering equipment and supplies directly from vendors when the total cost of the purchase does not exceed $5,000 and the LPO form is used.