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How to Submit Transcripts to GRE Using the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Services

  1. Access the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Services website. You'll land on the Transcript Ordering Center page.
    Screengrab of transcript ordering screen where you can text search for the school name you want to request transcripts from.


  2. Enter the school you want to request your transcript from. Once the school appears in the dropdown list of available options, click on it to select it. Once you have found and selected your school, click the Continue button to move to the next screen.
    Please Note: Not all schools participate in the Clearinghouse system. If the school you are looking for does not participate, they will not appear in the search results. In this case, transcripts will need to be mailed or emailed to GRE. Learn more on GRE's application requirements page.
  3. The next screen will present you with important notifications from the school you've selected and the Clearinghouse. Review the notifications, then click the Order Transcripts button
    Screengrab of page that will include school notifications and notifications from the transcript clearinghouse.


  4. On the next page, enter your personal, and student identification information, then click the Continue button.
    Screengrab of page where transcript requestors need to enter their personal information, including first name, middle name, last name, dob, and whether name has changed since requestor attended the school in question. There is also a section where requestors have to either enter their student ID for the source school, OR their SSN. There is also a question at the end about whether the requestor is currently a student of the school they are requesting transcripts from.


  5. The next page will be the Select Transcript and Delivery Details page. Complete the page as follows:
    • Under Who are you sending your transcript to? choose College or University.
    • Under State/Territory/APO choose New York.
    • Under Enter and select the school you are sending your transcript to type in Fordham University and then select Fordham University.
    • Once you select Fordham University, a list of available Fordham University departments will appear.
    • Click on the Department drop-down and choose the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education.
  6. Once you have completed the page, click the Continue button.
  7. Review your order on the following page. When you are done reviewing your order, select Checkout to complete your request. You will not be able to return to the form to add, edit, or delete recipient(s) information after this point.

If you have any problems requesting your transcripts through the Clearinghouse, review their support documentation, or email to let us know how we can help.