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Political Science Awards and Prizes

The Department of Political Science annually awards the Political Science Endowment Award and the William R. Frasca Prize to graduating seniors at FCRH. The Political Science Endowment Award is given to a graduating senior whose career at Fordham has been marked by both high intellectual achievement and strong understanding of the ideals of Jesuit education. The William R. Frasca Prize is granted to a graduating senior for outstanding achievement in political science.

Here is a list of recent winners of the department’s awards and prizes.

The Political Science Endowment Award

Catherine Gassiot, FCRH 2021

Catherine Gassiot, Political Science Endowment Award Recipient.

My favorite part about being a student at Fordham University has been the supportive and engaging community created by the faculty and students. I have continuously found myself challenged intellectually by my professors and classmates which I believe has not only made me a better student but also will positively impact my career trajectory. Despite the change in learning environment brought on by the pandemic, I have been grateful for the efforts of my professors in the Political Science department to ensure my education was not negatively impacted. One of my favorite moments in the last year was Professor Hume's virtual moot court in Constitutional Law which, despite the Zoom environment, granted me the same educational takeaways I had from the in-person moot court I had participated in for his in-person class a year before. As I head to law school next year, I could not be more appreciative of the foundation I have gained during my time at Fordham, and I hope to put the Jesuit values emphasized during my education into practice in my future career and everyday life.

Emma Watson, FCRH 2021

Emma Watson, Political Science Endowment Award Recipient.

My favorite part about being a student at Fordham University was all the incredible research and extracurricular opportunities I was presented with both inside and outside of the classroom. From chairing the Outreach Committee for the Fordham Dance Marathon, to assisting Professor Hume of the Political Science Department in conducting legal research, and even to working as a production assistant at WFUV Radio Station, I have achieved more in my four years at Fordham University than I ever thought was possible. I am so proud of everything I have accomplished here, and so unbelievably grateful for all of the students, faculty, and staff members who helped me make those achievements possible.

Leila Witcher, FCRH 2020

Leila Witcher, Political Science Endowment Award Recipient.

My Political Science classes were the highlight of my educational experience at Fordham. I was provided a firm grasp on the fundamentals of Political Science with the opportunity to learn more about topics I was passionate about. I can comprehend more about the global economy than I thought possible from Professor Bastiaen’s IPE course. I experienced the nature of oral arguments as a Supreme Court justice in Professor Hume’s Constitutional Law course. Beyond classes, my professors integrated students’ own knowledge into the fabric of every curriculum. I learned from my peers as seamlessly as I did my professors. As I continue my education in law school, I am comforted by the fact that I was given a strong foundation to build upon.

William R. Frasca Prize

Kelsie Greene, FCRH 2021

Kelsie Greene, Political Science William R. Frasca Prize Recipient.

My favorite part about being a student at Fordham University was the opportunity to open my mind and learn about the world around me in a community that supported my goals from my first day on campus. Having the possibility to participate in coursework, internships, research, and experiences abroad at the niche intersections of my interests aided me in pinpointing my passions and determining what I hope to pursue post-grad. The friendships and memories I have made in the Fordham community will last a lifetime, and I am beyond happy to be a Fordham University alum.

Alana Murphy, FCRH 2020

Alana Murphy, Political Science William R. Frasca Prize Recipient.

My favorite part about being a student at Fordham University was getting to know and learn from amazing professors. Across every discipline, Fordham's professors have always encouraged my curiosity and pushed me to challenge my assumptions. Whether in the pre-pandemic days of Socratic seminars or in the virtual discussion boards of the past year, my professors have brought life and passion to all the subjects they teach. I want to sincerely thank all of my professors, especially those who entertained my many visits to their office hours, for their kindness, compassion, and encouragement.

Paul Alongi, FCRH 2020

Paul Alongi, Political Science William R. Frasca Prize Recipient.

Towards the end of my time at Fordham University, I’ve come to realize that three key elements set this University apart from other institutions. Firstly, the curriculum: The University provides a thought-provoking, as well as informative, curriculum, which allowed me to not only stay engaged but also learn a significant amount of useful information. Secondly, the Jesuit values: The University promotes the core Jesuit values in every facet of university life, which enabled me to become a better human being. Lastly, and most importantly, the professors: The University possesses a staff of highly intelligent professors who are accessible, caring, and understanding, which truly helped me excel in my academic endeavors. With all of this in mind, I will always be extremely grateful to have received an education at Fordham University. Go Rams!